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    tModLoader Modding Tutorial: World Generation

    i have no idea how to create an underground biome. I have tried, but it seems like the best thing i can find are tutorials that spawn blobs of tiles. Thats not a biome. Can you help me so that I can create a legit biome that spawns underground?
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    Need help with an ore sprite...

    Just recolor and edit this
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    tModLoader How do I make modded items appear in chests?

    I have been trying to make it so my modded accessory can be found in all chests. But example mod is kinda just confusing me. I hope its not too much to ask, but does anyone have the time to show and explain to me how to do this? Thanks :) also, I am quite the beginner when it comes to coding...
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    I play with this mod.its great. But, if it’s possible, could you add boss checklist support. That would really make this mod great! :)
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    tModLoader Terraria: Vengeance Mod

    is this mod dead? I hope not. But oh well. :)
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    tModLoader The Lunacy Mod

    Is there a discord server?
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    tModLoader Rise of Ages - Backwoods and Druids

    Sprites really do look amazing. Do yall have any idea when this mod will be on the good old browser?
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    tModLoader Tools of Colors mod forum

    Yeah I’d love to join a discord if there is one. I love the sound of this mod :)
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    Pixel Art Huzbubber's Pixel Art Collection

    For sure. You are incredibly talented by the way, a true artist.
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    Pixel Art Ca595 Pixel palace

    Is there anyways to fight these bosses in game or use these weapons? Are these in a downloadable mod? These sprites are so so so so good! Talent in a nutshell! also, for all pixel art threads, is it possible to be able to use those sprites in game by downloading a mod? I hate seeing sprite...
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    Pixel Art CA595's [BIG] sprites

    you should make these into a mod. I’d hate for these wonderful sprites to be lost and unused :)
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    Pixel Art Ai - T.a.S.A.I.'s Moderately Decent Sprites

    Are these sprites left out here to die? I hope they are in some kind of mod or something because they are really well done :)
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    Pixel Art Huzbubber's Pixel Art Collection

    You should turn these sprites into mods. They look fricken amazing.
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    WIP The Cosmic Cataclysm: A take on post Moon Lord Boss Rush content

    Please don’t tell me this mod is dead. Those sprites are the best things I have ever layed my eyes upon.
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