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  1. Mardekoya

    Mobile Terrarians Assemble! Mobile 1.3 Launches Today!

    When will graphic settings like trippy be available because my phone which has 2gb ram (Huawei Y6) lags when I play my average fps is 30 when standing still and around 10 or less when in boss battles like eow or eoc
  2. Mardekoya

    Mobile Terraria Mobile 1.3 Release Date Revealed!

    Terraria crater we have the same pfp. :-)
  3. Mardekoya

    Mobile Terraria Mobile 1.3 Release Date Revealed!

    Yey finnaly sadly my school starts before then
  4. Mardekoya

    Mobile News Update - Online Multiplayer Revealed!

    Loki do u know about the grappling method while your grapple is in your inventory I for got how to do it I think you swipe the direction and something else. But will that be removed? For mobile btw
  5. Mardekoya

    Mobile 1.3 Beta Registration Deadline

    3gb ram would be too much definitely less than 3
  6. Mardekoya

    Mobile 1.3 Beta Registration Deadline

    Nice So does anyone know the amount or ram required to run this? Is it only telling us the winners or actually giving the beta for us to play?
  7. Mardekoya

    WIP The Cosmic Cataclysm: A take on post Moon Lord Boss Rush content

    Perfect . Many teleport the player to the right biom and give them like 15 secs between each boss when they teleport
  8. Mardekoya

    Terraria State of the Game - May 2019

  9. Mardekoya

    Terraria Mobile 1.3 Reaches Alpha!

    May state of the game?
  10. Mardekoya

    Console CONSOLE UI

    Nah the current UI is pretty good.
  11. Mardekoya

    Sprites Making Hell a Little More Lively | Hardmode-Underworld Expansion

    Okay azekill maby because people report some posts?
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