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    4th liquid in Terraria Yes or No?

    Shimmer was the perfect choice isnt it?
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    Terraria Turns Eleven - Town Slimes Are Coming to Celebrate the Occasion!

    MY GOD THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!! can we just...CATCH THEM ALL instead please?! :( are they npc like cat? or a summon thing?
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    Ultra wide screen + terraria

    ok . you talk about playing in windowed widescreen. not a good solution
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    Ultra wide screen + terraria

    the screen is very close to my character and zooming does nothing. i can only zoom in. can you elaborate more on this please
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    Ultra wide screen + terraria

    hello there! i know that terraria will never suport ultra wide screen cause of the "aggro spawn" enemies. saw that when i used some third party tricks to get my ultra wide screen working well with terraria. enemies that are far in the right and the left spawn in the screen instead of off...
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    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    Hey @360Chadscope Hope you come back for 1.4 cause i cant really play Terraria without your mod anymore! :p and im sure...many of people in this forum too. :)
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    tModLoader Cheat Sheet

    is it possible to hide the little arrow icon? or move it. i just use sheat sheet to remove a spawn from another mod but i want to hide the ui in my screen after
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    tModLoader Wireless

    nice thk you :))
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    Official Your favorite blocks

    boreal wood and gold stone
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    tModLoader Various Weathers

    we all need this!!
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    tModLoader Various Weathers

    a really nice idea
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    Suggestion fossil/moutain biome with the famous 4 liquid!

    i edit my post a little but with my bad english..may be thrash. :( anyway nobody will read this suggestion .its just for fun :p
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    tModLoader Consolaria

    they will remove console exclusive that a problem for this mod now?
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    Suggestion fossil/moutain biome with the famous 4 liquid!

    yep ur right english not my main language sorry if i was wrong. im from canada so i apologise even more
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    Suggestion fossil/moutain biome with the famous 4 liquid!

    SO why not add a "petroleum " liquid in a fossil/ moutain biome or maybe just desert..when in contact with lava : create a big EXPLOSION/ boooooom! and we can use this oil to fuel many mechanical engine ... thats my suggestion of the day dont understand how in a game where u dig.... they are...
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