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    Latest Fixes and Improvements Now Available for Terraria: Journey's End on Consoles!

    Great work DR Studio's 👍 This should please all Keyboard/Mouse users! :)
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    Xbox 360 is there going to be any more updates for xbox 360?

    Hope this sheds some light on the matter for you. :)
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    Terraria State of the Game - November 2021

    Great news for console! Thank you for the Kb/M parity that we so badly needed! ;) On a side note, will we be seeing the return of a Transparency slider for the UI anytime soon? Noticed that the UI is slightly darker and easier to read when using a controller vs using Kb/M
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    PS4 About console version

    If you compare the then version of PC vs the 1.4 update we received for console then yes, it was outdated, but, was a huge jump from 1.3 in terms of content, We'll eventually have parity with PC just be patient. 😁
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    Xbox One Im starting on Terraria today, i need some tips plss

    Take the game at your own pace Try not to feel overwhelmed by the amount of "things" in the game Take regular breaks (don't go gaming for 6 hours straight without having a break) Use the wiki and YouTube videos as a source of information. Watch some let's plays to become familiar with the...
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    A Road Well Traveled - Terraria: Journey's End Launches on Xbox & PlayStation!

    This dev team gives so much transparency it's great! Very nice fixes/additions. Thank you DR Hopefully the next fixes listed are the KB/M shortcuts :D
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    Xbox One map zoom don't work in MT (mouse e teclado)

    Just to add to this, using the scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the map causes it to zoom all the way in or all the way out, no in between or smooth zooming as it should be. :)
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    Xbox One Issues with mouse and keyboard

    Thank you for mentioning the scroll wheel map zoom problem, I was gonna create a post but saw yours. :)
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    Xbox One d pad hotbar

    Go into the settings for controller, theres a list of keybinds for Hotbar 1 to 0(by default they're un-mapped), map up, down, left and right to 1 2 3 and 4 and put the items you want to swap between in slot 1, 2, 3 and 4 on your hotbar. It doesn't exactly replicate the dpad hotbar setting we...
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    Xbox One Bug List So Far

    Thank you @Angryhippo I've also just figured that out by watching previous videos on YouTube and paying close attention to what was pressed/clicked to expand these menus. Initially though I couldn't see an indication to "expand" these menus to show full content. Regarding future updates, is...
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    Console How to fix safe region so hotbar is on screen for 1.4 Console Update

    Some of the Safe Zone issues can also be caused by certain TV/Monitor settings needing adjusting, but because there are so many manufacturers it would be difficult to list every instruction, best thing to do is try the above method provided by Artic, if that fails, consult your TV/Monitors...
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    Console How to remove Buffs and Summons on 1.4 Console Update

    Great guide Artic! :happy:
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    Xbox One Bug List So Far

    Hi Unit one Thanks for your reply. To echo some other players concerns I've seen throughout social media, the UI we have now in 1.4 for console is quite different from the UI we have seen previously in 1.3 and even further back in 1.2. If I recall correctly, Engine Software added there own...
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