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Mihn's latest activity

  • Mihn
    Mihn commented on Myangelyohane's profile post.
    Neat, just wondered how Omnir is doing and came across this, thanks.
  • Mihn
    Luckily there are only ~50 new items this time around if the wiki is correct.
  • Mihn
    Mihn updated their status.
    Another way to have a loincloth-esque vanity is to use the Pixie Pants. Love how it stopped being a generic striped pants in 1.4. Also...
  • Mihn
    With the 1.4 update's official support for Texture Packs I decided to create a few visual changes myself. They're mostly just edits of...
  • Mihn
    Mihn reacted to Articulo's post in the thread Dark Souls Vanity Pack with Like Like.
    There has been a shortage of Dark Souls mods, so i decided to make one! Its available through the TModloader browser, under the name...
  • Mihn
    Mihn reacted to DerpoTheMagnificent's post in the thread Clockwork Mechs with Like Like.
    Thought it'd be cool if the mechs were Clockwork Machinations. So I made that a thing. Here's the download link. Just stick the main...
  • Mihn
    Mihn reacted to Hauntling Ω's post in the thread Terraria Console Exclusives with Like Like.
    Honestly, the vanity is more salvageable than the actual bosses, and I would rather they just add the vanities to the PC version instead...
  • Mihn
    Mihn reacted to Firch's post in the thread Ambient Objects and Ecto Mist with Like Like.
    Currently, ambient objects are unobtainable. Would be cool if we are able to craft ambient objects with heavy workbench in Ecto Mist...
  • Mihn
    Mihn reacted to Scratch Lunin's post in the thread Yoyos Expanded with Like Like.
    Well you could've said it in a nicer way, instead of being impatient. Making and debugging mods is hard, it takes time. And yes, I would...
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