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Recent content by NickIAm

  1. NickIAm

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    When I switch on the Russian language The Tilda button doesn't work.
  2. NickIAm

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader FNA (32bit/64bit) (Branch of tML)

    Does anyone have issues with low performance on x64 version? I know that I have pretty low specs(i3 2100 + r7 360 + 8Gb of RAM) but still it was all ok on x32
  3. NickIAm

    CC Creation Compendium #82

    Is this a building competition? Or am I wrong? Never participated so idk
  4. NickIAm

    Most Annoying Enemy

    Wyverns on ML fights
  5. NickIAm

    Favorite Summons

    Flinxes are the best pHM summons to have! The AI is great! Farmed them on ftw MM and I haven't switch till defeated EoW. Then I swapped on Imps to defeat QB.
  6. NickIAm

    Please give us ability to play accords that we chose and don't get random.

    They are weapons, but they look awesome :D Also, Relogic could give us extra keys.
  7. NickIAm

    Please give us ability to play accords that we chose and don't get random.

    At least for Stellar tune, Rain song, Ivy, and The Axe. This is the last update, as you said. It would be really nice to have something like that in the end.
  8. NickIAm

    Working as Designed Summon disappears on damage income

    Ok. There is a limit, but for fork sake, I don't want to lose minions D:
  9. NickIAm

    Working as Designed Summon disappears on damage income

    All these potions + bast statue + Campfire + Heart Lamp + Stinger Necklace + incoming damage = losing all summoned minions (now imagine resummon them during boss fight)!
  10. NickIAm

    Explosive bunnies

    Ah. They deal low damage. Guess you knew.
  11. NickIAm

    Explosive bunnies

    You can get a lot of explosive bunnies from statue in "For the worthy" seed.
  12. NickIAm

    Some Builds from my final 1.3 playthrough

    Use Tedit and pick there pencil or brush with mask on Stone slab to change it on Stone Accent Slab
  13. NickIAm

    Potted bamboos are 3 tiles wide instead of one

    I was not talking about inventory, just placed wrong screenshot. It should be 1x4. So leaves could go under tiles. Like strange plants do
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