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Recent content by Nookism

  1. Nookism

    Switch Any hot a solar eclipse on atm

    I think I already sent a fr, just open your world and i'll join
  2. Nookism

    Switch Looking to buy fish finder

    Uh, I'll literally give any celestial item or platinum for a fish finder
  3. Nookism

    Switch Stuck as a statue

    Luckily i was in hell when this bug affected me, It took me 2 minutes to die and respawn
  4. Nookism

    Switch "Settling liquids 98%"

    My world is basically locked because of this message, It happened when I loaded my world after defeating the Moon lord, so maybe that has something to do with it?
  5. Nookism

    Switch Selling legendary terra blade

    Nothing too special, just a legendary terra blade.
  6. Nookism

    Switch Switch friends! Add me!

    I wanna see new worlds! add me if you wanna be friends SW-7482-3786-0990
  7. Nookism

    Switch Looking for end-game folk that are bored enough to help me explode/drill an entire small world

    I don't have the DCU, but I know how to dupe items, (At least until tomorrow's patch) You could dupe your DCU and we could destroy the world lol
  8. Nookism

    Switch Looking to buy fish finder

    I have platinum, i'm willing to give some for it, i'll be online soon-ish, so please friend me SW-7482-3786-0990
  9. Nookism

    I eat beetles

    I eat beetles
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