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    PC [1.4] TerrariaPatcher (plugins and more!)

    When the [107] Builder is added to persistent buffs, any items like blocks/torches/etc I select on my action bar rapidly countdown until they are no longer in my inventory.
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    tAPI Vanilla Items - Altering maxStack

    Thank you kindly for your helpful replies. Having a place to start is what I needed, and now I have it. :)
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    tAPI Vanilla Items - Altering maxStack

    How would I go about altering the maxStack size for a vanilla item? Some example code if possible. My aim is to have most items stack up to 999 or whatever the limit might be as to avoid having to restock and reorganize my inventory so frequently. I play the game as background noise while...
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    Thank you so much. :)

    Thank you so much. :)
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