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Recent content by OliH

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    tModLoader The Eternity Mod(By Acronix98)

    I assure you my intention was not to attack. I was giving legitimate feedback, because *most* people in this community dislike mods like this, where the only content is overpowered and it takes strongly after pre-existing projects. People would much rather have something original, that brings...
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    tModLoader The Eternity Mod(By Acronix98)

    Not only does this rip sprites from Fargo's mod, but the ideas in general are unoriginal and bland. One of your swords actually exceeds the integer limit in terms of damage. More damage does not mean it's better. Judging by the grammar I can tell you're probably a child, which is okay, because...
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    tModLoader Caffeinated Mod

    Really like this mod so far, it's in its early stages but I think it could very easily be used by a lot of people. Keep up the good work!
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