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Recent content by Pangaearocks

  1. Pangaearocks

    Celestial Magnet lol

    Same here. Been waiting for it for 1.5 playthroughs. No luck yet. Nuts.
  2. Pangaearocks

    How can i farm soul of night ? I tried it didn't work

    Why not play the game instead of all this AFK-ing? It's such a weird concept to me.
  3. Pangaearocks

    Will this prevent the corruption from spreading into my base?

    It's random, so you can't guarantee it. But it is a V, and that V won't cut straight through the centre of the map, so chances are that if your rectangle is impacted, it will be across one of the corners or something like that, and not right across the centre of it. You'll just have to go into...
  4. Pangaearocks

    Will this prevent the corruption from spreading into my base?

    This can only happen in the Cavern layer (at least according to the wiki). Perhaps there is cavern in that area in the screenshot, but probably not a huge amount. It can happen ofc, but the chance isn't high, given how many tiles are in the cavern layer elsewhere in the world. Don't worry about...
  5. Pangaearocks

    What categories of chest are in your "quick deposit" chest area?

    It's not perfect, but it does the trick for now. For the most part I can access the contents of chests while in reach of the relevant crafting station, and mostly I can drop off loot with just standing on the platform beneath the void vault. Jump up to the vault or piggy bank to pick up more...
  6. Pangaearocks

    RNG RoD poll

    Yes. Got it within 10-15 of those enemy kills, and didn't know what it was at the time, nor how rare or good it was. Almost sold it. Turns out it's fantastic for mining and exploration, when you can just zoom around from small cave to small cave without needing to dig all over the bloody place...
  7. Pangaearocks

    What do You do When You're Bored on Terraria?

    (Sorry for the bump, but it was the most relevant thread I found) I've gotten bored with Terraria :( Fire it up, play for maybe half an hour, if that, and close it down. Maybe fish a little just to kill some time, or kill some enemies somewhere. Ultimately I just play it a little because I have...
  8. Pangaearocks

    location of save

    Doubt Debian is different here, so it should be under /.local/share/Terraria. This is what it looks on my end, with Linux Mint (which ultimately is based on Debian).
  9. Pangaearocks

    Tasks before Hardmode

    Not found the Flamelash, but did get the Magic Missile and Aqua Scepter. Wasn't thrilled with the Aqua scepter, and it was a little tricky to get to terms with the Magic Missile too. Used it a little, but not battle-hardened in the dungeon. Holy mother that place is brutal! So.. many...
  10. Pangaearocks

    Tasks before Hardmode

    Thanks. Yeah, it actually was the first time fighting Expert Skeletron. Did use some potions to help me out, tho. From memory: ironskin, regeneration, mana regeneration, endurance, swiftness, and I think heartreach too. Not sure if any hearts were dropped, mind you, so maybe that was futile...
  11. Pangaearocks

    Tasks before Hardmode

    Funky temple without a door. A rare bug I assume. Would have been funny if you could summon the Golem, though, and then take on the Moon Lord shortly after via the cultists, without fighting Eye of Cthulhu :D Yes, I read about that extra accessory slot. I'm sure that will be very nice to have...
  12. Pangaearocks

    Tasks before Hardmode

    Being so new to the game, I've not really had a clue on what is a "typical" map, but that said, those things sound pretty wacko. Especially desert in the snow, haha. Jungle temple without a door? :D How do you get in? :D "Oi! Mr Golem, you smell! And are ugly... and the snakes don't like you...
  13. Pangaearocks

    PC Fishing bug after handing in quest fish

    Update: Think I figured out what was wrong. Went to fish at the same location, and once again nothing would bite. Noticed my dude had his feet in the water. While the bait is still out, I walk up one tile, and instantly something bites. I repeated this several times, in between 'normal'...
  14. Pangaearocks

    Base building designs and ideas

    Have anybody got tips for roofs? I usually can't make them look good. In the ocean hut below, I tried to add in some fences, but it still ended up looking kinda crap :-/ I don't know... maybe the shingles are just hard to work with? 🤔
  15. Pangaearocks

    Tasks before Hardmode

    Wow. Did not know this was possible. Fished up a gills potion and figured I should walk along the ocean floor to see if there were any chests. Got a surprise while exploring the snow biome as well, but a rather more stark one. Quick glance of a skull, then insta-gibbed :D Expert is a lot...
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