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  1. PringleMan

    10th Anniversary A Journey of 10 Years - Contest Entry Thread

    My entry for the Art Category! I love Terraria and have been playing it for years, so i made this to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this great game. May it live on for years to come! <3
  2. PringleMan

    Tool Game Launcher

    Plus i Want Downgrade for a Good Reason. But There is one Website that Have Older Versions of Terraria That You Can Download, Ok Type This Down on your Browser. ( <website removed by staff>) You Should Download From the Pre-Alpha to, 1. Download Firefox for it to Work, 2. It Should Work...
  3. PringleMan

    Tool Game Launcher

    How do you Play Game Launcher With tModLoader How do you Do That? o_O
  4. PringleMan

    Tool Game Launcher

    What i Did That You Did Didn't Work 1. I Have Windows 8.1, 2. I Also Had The Steam Version of It Not GoG, There's One More Question. Do You Have to Download The Mod For It to Work? :dryadconfused:
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