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Recent content by ps3wolvrine14

  1. ps3wolvrine14

    Mobile [REQUEST] Empty Journey World

    Better off going on a computer, downloadong the matching version on TEDIT and upload one mobile world and wipe it out. However you will want to give yourself wings and the broom or black spot mount. And ice rod so you can actually place tiles. As long as you use a version of tedit that matches...
  2. ps3wolvrine14

    What is your favourite sprite you've created?

    Been doing some upscales and desided to recolor some textures as well. I used the weapon rack as the base, did not take the time to remake each individual wooden background. This is however unfinished, as i haven't remade each boss's part. Also this does count as only one texture in game files.
  3. ps3wolvrine14

    Resolved [Mobile] Plantera bulbs doesn't spawn

    Isn't the bulb dangersense? Since it's a hazard? I've never tried to use highlight potions to see them..
  4. ps3wolvrine14

    Free items server for journey users?

    You could get builders workshop or just use terrasaver and give all items
  5. ps3wolvrine14

    Terrafine - Resized Terraria Texture Pack

    Didn't take any. Any texture pack would feel weird, just like the 1.4 remade textures feel weird. Because it is different and new.
  6. ps3wolvrine14

    Terrafine - Resized Terraria Texture Pack

    Depends on how you go about it. I started messing with textures again myself recently and am doing them in my own style trying to keep to the original for most, but improving as i see fit. (Completely remade the king slime trophy's sword for example)
  7. ps3wolvrine14

    The golfer and angler

    Ahh hard liquor and high grade explosives. Mix those together and you have yourself a blast! He likes having the angler around because they are both hobbyists. And probably because the angler can help him recover his golfballs from the pond..
  8. ps3wolvrine14

    Can you rename hostile NPCs?

    I'm not sure about doing it within a texture pack but there has to be a file somewhere that links ID-codes to a name. And obviously since people are able to go in and add NPCs and bosses there should logically be a way to change the names used by the game. Unfortunately this happens to be the...
  9. ps3wolvrine14

    Can you rename hostile NPCs?

    I've been remaking textures and want to rename some hostile NPC's so it appears as something different to go with my texture changes. I mainly want the lifeform analyzer displayed name to change but also want some aimed at names to change. And thinking about it, changing item names would also be...
  10. ps3wolvrine14

    Biome generation option

    For jungle I'd say moss. Jungle is wet so moss works.
  11. ps3wolvrine14

    It would be a bit crazy for a IRL house. I have actually improved the build since this. I found...

    It would be a bit crazy for a IRL house. I have actually improved the build since this. I found a better stair design.
  12. ps3wolvrine14

    PC Old One's Army portal spawn bug

    I had this happen once where my right side didn't spawn allowing me to easily focus left. It makes the event so much easier.
  13. ps3wolvrine14

    PC Need some advice for Master Mode

    Always upgrade to the best available armour. And if you don't know which is best you can always take both and equip 1 set check stats given, then swap to the other and check it's stats. Only a few times will you unlock multiple pieces of armour around the same time. Like for melee and ranged...
  14. ps3wolvrine14

    Resolved Blockcounter won't go away

    Ruler bugged way out. Just remember there are toggles for overlays when your inventory is open at the left side. And when you have a intel item in your inventory you have buttons next to your equipment to toggle the intel pieces.
  15. ps3wolvrine14

    Which hardmode melee weapons are strongly affected by melee speed?

    I actually know a simple way to find out for sure with no doubt otherwise for any stat change. TT2 allows for users to set the effects of any modifiers as well as the value of the effect. Using TT2 one could set a few equipment mods to various levels of (in this case) 'melee speed'...
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