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    Dungeon background wall tiles breaking on explosions (spike pits)

    From the wiki: > Dungeon Brick Walls cannot be crafted (nor converted into Dungeon Bricks), but can be freed and collected with a Hammer or Dynamite after Skeletron has been defeated. The walls you are placing back are player placed walls and probably intentionally do not merge with the natural...
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    My game wont launch and i have no clue what to do.
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    Terraria State of the Game - July 2022

    why pressure relogic to do a crossover they might not want to do?
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    Game Crashes When I Alt + Tab out of the game while streaming on discord.

    screenshot of crash / client-crashlog.txt please
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    PC No Crafting Menu appearing for my Mythril Anvil and other crafting stations

    you have a copper broadsword instead of a shortsword
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    Terraria State of the Game - July 2022

    > A possible kludge would be to prevent a favorited coin stack from disappearing by allowing it to exist as a stack of zero items implementation and game design wise this would essentially mean having a fixed slot for copper, silver, gold and plat coins each and not allowing any interaction with...
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    (Likely A Very Minor Oversight) Information From Information Accessories Do Not Adjust Position With Minimap Size

    > my laptop doesn't have an easy way to screenshot. if you have windows installed, which you do, you have an easy way to screenshot: snipping tool on windows 7 and windows key + shift + s on windows 10
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    PC "Found Server" to "Lost Connection" issue vanilla multiplayer

    the automatic port forwarding option from the game might mess things up
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    PC For the somewhat worthy?

    the journey's end bug reports forum is for vanilla bugs, not tml bugs.
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    Lags with good connection

    - 2gb of ram is incredibly low - being in multiplayer in itself doesnt affect your fps at all - terraria, unlike big multiplayer games, does not do lag compensation, which means you will only notice your :red:ty connection in terraria - the reddit post simply highlights the decompiler struggling...
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    PC "Found Server" to "Lost Connection" issue vanilla multiplayer

    you and your friend are probably not opening the port correctly you can look up port forwarding and set that up for port 7777
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    Mac Can't open chests

    are you using right click properly? apple is not known to put any emphasis on right click usage
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    Mac Probably the funniest glitch I've ever seen

    - exaggerating how "funny" it is to grab attention - preemptively saying it "probably can't be fixed" so you remain in the right even if no fix is made for this - ignoring that this is not possible without bit flips or mods seems suspicious to me
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