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    conceptual thoughts on adventure map making

    To answer your original questions - When it comes to forcing boss fights, you have to go with an honor system for most bosses. This basically means that the player summons the boss themselves and are honorbound not to proceed before defeating it, even if there is nothing stopping them. It does...
  2. RealSaucer

    conceptual thoughts on adventure map making

    I think a dedicated map making mod would be really useful, that could include all kinds of mechanics and tools. Like boss spawners and boss kill detectors that work with wiring, more statues, and so on. Stuff that we really should have gotten in vanilla.
  3. RealSaucer

    Robotic Retribution

    Alright, I played the map from end to end. It was a few days ago but I left some notes. I enjoyed the map, although it was broken at times and I had to use some cheated items in order to proceed. I like the concept, and this map has great potential - but there are quite a bit of issues that have...
  4. RealSaucer

    Robotic Retribution

    I'm not sure you've shared the right file. Share the Terraria World File, not the .bak file and it should work out. Looking forward to trying the map out though :)
  5. RealSaucer

    Adventure Arena of Ruins (Complete Edition)

    I love the painter's house, such a creative design with the tree - and the arena looks great!
  6. RealSaucer

    It's almost harvesting season!

    It's almost harvesting season!
  7. RealSaucer

    What does the Lunatic Cultist say?

    google "surreal text generator" and you'll find a bunch of sites
  8. RealSaucer

    What does the Lunatic Cultist say?

    I think he says something along the lines of ₕ̴̝͍̥͈͒̅̂̎̾͒̄͊͜ₒ̵̱̟̳̄͆̔̉̇͂͠͝ω̵̠͎̦̱̩̗̅̈́̔̆͠ ̷͈̲̲̙͈͍̊͊͋́∂̷̢̨̠͓̺̊͆̀̿̓̌̿͌̾̒ₒ̷̖̗̼̭̺̞̣͕̮͑ ̸̨̡̱̳̺̥̭̜̻͌̓́̓͆͝͝͝у̵̡̡̧̯̘͚̹̩̲͈̀̋̀̊͑̎ₒ̵͉͖͓̃́̈́̋ᵤ̶̫̤̳̮̈́̀͛̓̏̊̐̋͗̐ ̷̅̄̈́̓͊͋̉̔̋͠ͅₖ̵̛̗̓ₙ̸̲̖͇̺͔̣̺̬̍̆̃̍ₒ̷͓̗͇̬̳̆͛͠ͅω̴͔̣͔͎̜̬̘̜̭̆̌͌̄̉̓̂͒͘̕
  9. RealSaucer

    A way to connect boss fights with wiring

    When it comes to mapmaking in Terraria, there is one really big problem: boss fights. If you want to have a boss fight in a map you would probably want it to: Be summoned without having the player use a summoning item Be summoned several times in case the player fails, without breaking the map...
  10. RealSaucer

    Adventure TSF 2: The Old God

    Just played through TSF 1 and I loved it, it was really creative! Might try this out as well when I get the time.
  11. RealSaucer

    Master mode Nurse

    I think her healing should be nerfed to some sort of short regen which heals a certain % maybe. Another suggestion is that the Nurse is affected by potion sickness. Also she could still remove debuffs.
  12. RealSaucer

    Awful, terrible new modifiers (for mapmaking)

    This idea is pretty simple: Add more bad modifiers to Terraria. Like, modifiers that are -75% or 90% damage. I'm serious. Now, you may wonder why in Cthulhu's name I would want that? Mapmaking. There are a lot of items in Terraria that have really fun and unique mechanics. A great example is...
  13. RealSaucer

    Adventure "A Crim Fate"

    Hi! Sorry for the late answer, I haven't been very active lately on here. Glad you liked the map, and thank you for the feedback! Both of these are intentional! I basically wanted to give a little extra stuff to clever people, most people who play through the map probably missed some of this...
  14. RealSaucer

    Official The TCF Christmas Contest!

    Would an adventure map be a valid entry, and if so, in what category?
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