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    Coincidence involving endgame armors

    Buzzy Beetles are just a straight upgrade to Koopas, or turtles. Beetle Armour is a direct upgrade to Turtle Armour. Coincidence? Also, this will probably be added to the wiki now.
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    most forgettable item

    Stucco. Made from silt and other stuff at a furnace. No-one remembers it ever because it requires you to keep silt until a point when you are near a furnace or ask the Guide about it. And who honestly asks the Guide about crafting with silt?
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    Lucky or Menacing?

    A 100% chance to do double damage is the same as a 100% increase in damage. A 50% chance to do double damage should on average produces a 50% increase in damage. In theory they should be the same unless I'm have mistaken something, so Lucky is just Menacing with a chance to be better or worse. I...
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    What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?

    I found this on a page about "Artgames" The entire page was full of great stuff like this but this was the best.
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    Little Gems From the Wiki Episode 2: The Saga Continues

    Magic dagger is now prehardmode. As is Pearlwood armour. Which is deactivated by enabling hardmode. In the trivia section. I wonder who can beat Fishron but not Plantera. This isn't really a bug or trivia. This vandalism is just pathetic.
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    Humorous Joke Suggestions (Remade from TO)

    I propose that the text for a blood moon rising gets changed to: "The Nosebleed of Cthulhu has Awoken!"
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    Post your "Give me back my money Goblin!" moments

    What typically happens is I get a string of bad reforges, so I click the reforge button faster and go past the reforge I want. I have wasted so much platinum doing this so now whenever I reforge something I go at snail speed.
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    Sharknados aren't really what they are...

    I think that the smaller sharknados that he drops in his first phase are called sharknados and the larger ones in his second phase are Cthulunados. I think that the 'Cthulhu' part of it is just a reference to the April 1st joke thread about Duke Fishron.
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    Favorite class

    Personally, I like mage because it's fun to play as. It gets really fun in hardmode but there isn't much stuff for early game.
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