I am SimeaseKitten, used to be XxHorrorGamingxX and want to make the forum a better place! You can usalley find me in forum role-play, suggestion threads, and sometimes forum games if I get bored. I am mostly interested in role-play and I have made a huge amount of them around here.

I do play games such as Smash Bros Ultimate, obviously Terraria, Mario, Ace Attorney, and I am kinda open to everything.
Sep 18, 2002 (Age: 20)
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
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  3. Terraria: Mobile
  4. Terraria: Xbox One
Watching Anime and Roleplaying


Critical Failure, Look Away/You have come to a dead stop. You may continue digging down below here but you will only find remnants of the old past of a boy's young life and simple meaningless history to your desires. This goes further to all post that I have made. Digging deeper than this will only wear you out and confuse you. Finding this was a celebration alone so let me reward you with something.

Which is to of course come in the near future.

Here are some funny quotes from old friends.
*Squints at door*
"Aye, the door speaks!"

"I'll be popular, meet fellow pirates, but most importantly.."
"Get ALL of the ladies!"

"I didn't even know I could mess with that, but I'm unsurprised it didn't work."

I throw more pretzels at the hydra, trying to get it to eat some.

“Yeah, I think it’s time you need my help.”
All my characters for RPs are below with images (some of them). Check them out!
I really enjoy to RP. Here are some of my characters:

Happy- A blue small cat that stands up, can talk, and is the coolest cat ever to exist. He is the controller of space despite being very small and young to have complete control of it. Always Happy and keeps a positive attitude most of the time. Said to be commander of the cousins and protecter of the 9th floor. Has a bag on his back at all times and can get power-ups and gear from it. The bag is infinitely big on the inside but appears rather small from ones view. He wields a hammer known as Galactic Triumph which summons meteors and stars to crash down.

Thanks to @SolarDragonMarnyr for Drawing

An assassin of the Universal Kingdom and one of the personal assassins of the Lord. He is known for his incredible skill in being a ninja. His main weapon is a kui knife that has a skill called quadshock which releases four strong gust upward in a line with blades of win in the gust shredding all to pieces. He also has piano wire he can set up for a trap.

An assassin of the Universal Kingdom and one of the personal assassins of the Lord. She is known for her god like agility and handling of her weapon like a ninja. Her main weapon is sharp wires that are so sharp they can cut through steel. She can use them like a whip or set up traps with it. She can also conjure more if she needs more of it. She also has a kui knife.

Cousins of Happy and all are cats. There are 8 cousins not including Happy. Each have powers of a certain element.
-Fire - Infy
-Water - Wishy
-Electricity - Zappy
-Nature - Grappy
-Earth - Mag
-Psychic - Psy
-Shadows - Shady
-Ice - Cryo

Necrodude - A drunk necromancer that was once an avid and successful adventurer but was to lazy and decided drinking gin. He also decided talking with the dead and having drinks with them were good, so there. His outward appearance makes him look dumb but don't let that fool you, his is the best necromancer known. Not usually around. He seems to always either be in the shadow realm or hell. He is able to summon a skeletal form of any dead thing on the planet he is on. Can summon skeletons from hell if he has no choice. He can also control bare bones and make it a weapon.

Lord - No data known besides being the king of the Universal Kingdom. Who is the lord?

A Comic I made that has memes= Story - The Great Adventure In Terraria of Xx_Bub_xX


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