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  1. SKKiro

    1.3.4 is LIVE!

    After doing the event in my singleplayer world I get a total of 5 tokens; however if I boot said world in multiplayer and complete the event I get far more than that (final wave get me 60 tokens in multiplayer). I presume that the token rewards don't scale up in singleplayer is a bug?
  2. SKKiro

    PC Planter Box Question

    They act the same as posts and act like platforms (meaning they are more compact than pots + platforms). The different kinds of planter boxes are just for aesthetic.
  3. SKKiro

    Ugh not another one I have to trash >.<

    Sure, I can trash or keep them (albeit it's always been a huge pain to choose to keep them when I'm at projects.) But let's not ignore the problems and flaws of a in game mechanic.
  4. SKKiro

    PC Phantasm buff

    I disagree, so far the vortex beater has been excellent with enemies while phantasm has been excellent on single targets. And I play melee.
  5. SKKiro

    PC Just a question

    I am 100% sure since I use the mount to clear land pretty often. Also something being shown in a trailer doesn't mean it won't change for the final product.
  6. SKKiro

    PC Just a question

    You can't use anything in the drill mount at all, if you want to clear off enemies while in it your only option is to use summons.
  7. SKKiro Strange plant change?

    They changed it so in that strange plant is independent from dye plants anymore as well with the maximum distance. Anyways, I made a dirt skybridge, none are spawning and none or surface either. As far as cavern goes, places where my strange plants would spawn literally don't have...
  8. SKKiro Strange plant change?

    In, I think most people know that strange plants were made more common. In that version I would harvest 2 or 3 per hour across the surface of my world. However in no strange plants have grown at all since a few hours of playtime. I don't mind them taking more time to grow/be...
  9. SKKiro

    To Those Who Complain About 'Cheap Tactics'

    Doesn't mean it's not usable for that purpose however.
  10. SKKiro

    (SPOILERS) Final Boss seems impossible now.

    I made a video were I fight moon lord on expert, without paying attention much to the fight and get hit a lot by his huge laser beam and I don't try too much to dodge some of his other attacks. I also use the phantasm bow. (which people consider bad now apparently) And even with all that, the...
  11. SKKiro

    Did I Miss My Chance at Martians?

    Well you need to think not everybody play expert. Also I forgot to mention that the blocks the martian drop are a nice thing for builders (along with the furniture set).
  12. SKKiro

    Did I Miss My Chance at Martians?

    Except the ufo mount, because of it you can remove any accessories for flight (wings, boots ect.) and replace those with something more useful for boss fights.
  13. SKKiro

    Flags are getting out of hand..

    Sunflowers gives a buff that reduce enemy spawns and combine it with a peaceful candle buff it reduce monsters to 3 maximum at a time. If calm potion + peace candle do the same then it's not worth it. That's what I meant. Also an actual option for it isn't going to hurt anybody you know. Why...
  14. SKKiro

    Flags are getting out of hand..

    With the range of my projects, I would need to place a hundred peace candles then remove them and then continue to place&remove several time per project. I would also need to farm a lot of damselfish on a sky island that I would need to build since I don't have those since more than a year. If...
  15. SKKiro

    WHO WINS? Phantasm, Tsunami or Vortex Beater (Post Phantasm Nerf)

    Opps! sorry about that, the fifth is wings but they are kinda useless since I use the ufo mount.
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