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    tModLoader Bismuth Mod Release

    The Grave Digger quest isnt working for me. Ive dug up the grave and went to talk to Deckard Cain and he keeps asking me if ive done it yet
  2. Swampyyyyyyyyy

    tModLoader Pinky's content pack

    I'm having the same issue aaa
  3. Swampyyyyyyyyy

    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    This is really weird, but I got the Titan Sword in pre-hardmode as a drop from a mob from a different mod. I had made a new Summoner character and I killed two Dusty Grits (Monsters from the GRealm mod), and both dropped Titan Swords. I don't know if this is a bug that must be fixed on the...
  4. Swampyyyyyyyyy

    tModLoader Class Based RPG Mod

    There's a bit of a bug with the Old One's Army. I've only tested it with the Conjurer's ability, but the crystal turret that it spawns will damage the Etherian Crystal, and if the turret is too close the portals, it will despawn them, breaking the event. It would help to fix this, thank you!
  5. Swampyyyyyyyyy

    tAPI [Discontinued] tAPI - A Mod To Make Mods

    I'm having trouble. I download tAPI, but the Packer wasn't downloaded. Is it a different download, and if so, where can I get it?
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