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Hello, my username is UltiDaniel, Real name: (I don't really have a reason to say it). And quite currently, you are reading this. But do you know what isn't obvious? Stuff about me! For starters, I like drawing, playing games, making stories, as well as some things that I can't quite seem to remember right now. Now, if you asked me why I decided to make a Terraria Forum account, I would say that it was because Terraria is one of my more favorite games. Fun ideas, great execution, unique pixel art style, as well as other things. And, when I remembered that there was a Forum for Terraria, I decided to make an account and enter! And so, because of that, I am here.
May 16, 2004 (Age: 16)
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: PC


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UltiSlayer: A being of origins unknown, he first appeared after a large storm spat out several multicolored lights in several directions, and shot 2 green ones towards the ground. And from the crater that had been created due to the impact of the lights, there was UltiSlayer.
He is capable of creating different green energy blasts, constructs, and is also capable of flight.
And the picture shown above, is his first form. Also known as the form he took when he first appeared.


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I now have ANOTHER spoiler!
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