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Recent content by VcommandarV

  1. VcommandarV

    Texture Pack Mollusk BOC

  2. VcommandarV

    PC Realistic Weapons and Tools

    Whaaaaaat :O its all good then XD
  3. VcommandarV

    PC Tenebris - Terraria with a darker twist!

    This will be very good to play with Terraria Overhaul! :^O can you focus on all the bosses first then do the enemies plz? also did you make the face monster more creepy? you can get inspiration from Amnesia! here: Gatherers
  4. VcommandarV

    tModLoader Starter Classes

    Sorry if someone answered this already but how do you get the class starter bag? do every new player starts with a Token/Coin in his inventory that is used to Craft the Starter bag he desires?
  5. VcommandarV

    PC Realistic Weapons and Tools

    the retextured zenith that you made is very good so what am about to say wont really matter but, in the game you don't really swing the zenith, the zenith is like a magical item/staff that controls the blades that comeout and attack in the animation, I wouldn't be surprised if the Zenith had a...
  6. VcommandarV

    tModLoader The Ultranium Mod

    Can you plz make a banner? i want a banner to support you plz :D
  7. VcommandarV

    The Viking Ship: Adding a little life to the Underground Snow!

    i like that your mods focus on ignored/uninteresting biomes and the sprites look dope
  8. VcommandarV

    Sprites Armor Dyes

    Wow :O
  9. VcommandarV

    Boss Death Effects

  10. VcommandarV

    tModLoader The Qualiaty Mod!

    Aww :( can you post a link to your other mode? and a banner plz, also does it have the same stuff from this mode and more or new stuff? and if there isn't a thread for it yet, can you tell me what is it about or its idea?
  11. VcommandarV

    Sprites Buoyant Glowsticks: The ultimate tool for fishing at night

    he made this Jun 25, 2017
  12. VcommandarV

    tModLoader The Qualiaty Mod!

    Just checked it, looks like your having lots of fun :D and wow that person has lots of free time XD
  13. VcommandarV

    tModLoader The Qualiaty Mod!

    good, I was gonna tell you to make the lore items fit the bosses more like a core of the boss or a heart or a fang/teeth and eye or something, and if you wanted it to be a scroll It will work cuz its like the player wrote it or discovered it but essence is also very good :D
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