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  1. General Milky

    Milky's Tmodloader Mod Curation Thread

    Hello, all. Welcome to my little thread. The idea is pretty simple, here I just review and recommend mods to play, and rate them into some categories based on my expert, and personal, opinion. Some guidelines to cover before anyone's feelings get hurt. 1. Mod enjoyment is SUBJECTIVE, but most...
  2. General Milky

    Another mod request; simple global NPC enhancer

    I've been playing through several times, and come to a bit of a conclusion. Expert Mode is sometimes too much. Later in the game, things deal way too much damage to be reasonably taken on with anything but the very best available, but at the same time, normal mode is baby-easy. I'd love to see a...
  3. General Milky

    tModLoader Simple endgame boss request

    Coding is hard. Yeah, I get it, it's effort and following the whims of the internet is tough, but during my last few tmodloader playthroughs I feel that one specific feature is just plain missing, and that is something to do after getting the strongest stuff. Short version; I want, at minimum...
  4. General Milky

    I see a lot of love for Five Nights At Freddy's. I raise you something better, if much more costly.

    Hello one and all, I'm taking a guess we have a lot of horror fans here. I'll start by saying FNaF is fantastic, despite the CRIPPLING overexposure and insane popularity thanks to youtubers pretending to be scared at the types of games they make a living to play. It preys on player paranoia...
  5. General Milky

    I arrive!

    Fresh off a small hiatus from TO, I made it to the new forums! Hello one and all!
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