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  1. Señor Ricardo

    Pixel Art Ricardo's Weapon Shop

    Ricardo's Weapon Shop! I'm probably going to make an actually logo thingie Okay so, some of my favorite things to draw are weapons. I just absolutely love drawing shapes and then turning them into guns and swords. So, basically, you can request weapons and whatever and I'll draw it and animate...
  2. Señor Ricardo

    WIP Lost Sea Biome!

    (Please note, I'm not sure if this first part with the Pirate is possible or what not) Alright, so this is an idea that I've been wanted to write out for a while. The ocean is a relatively bare biome, usually I have very little interaction with it until Duke Fishron, or perhaps if I'm fishing...
  3. Señor Ricardo

    Ricardo's Speed Art!

    I got art videos There are many like them But these ones are mine.
  4. Señor Ricardo

    Member-Run Project Terraria Animated Music Video! Submit your characters!

    (I hope this is the right place to put something like this, and I hope the "Member-Run Project" prefix is correct. Sorry for the confusing an undescriptiveness of the title ( I couldn't think of a better way to phrase it) What is this?: I want to create a (f)animated Terraria video in the...
  5. Señor Ricardo

    Ricardo's Art!

    I'm not doing requests anymore, at least for now. My only reason is really just laziness. I may or may not (but probably will eventually) get done with the requests I already have.
  6. Señor Ricardo

    Uh, Hello!

    Hello! I'm Señor Ricardo! I've been playing Terraria since 2011, and have loved it! Its really crazy to see how much this game has changed! I don't usually register for forums so I might get a little lost:confused:
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