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  1. zimberzimber

    TCF Suggestion Alert Sound Indicator

    You know how Facebook has that *bling* whenever you receive a message? I though it could be a nice addition to TCF having a sound to alert you that you just got an alert or an inbox message. Of course it should be toggleable. If it cannot be toggleable, it shouldn't be implemented because it...
  2. zimberzimber

    Voodoo Demons, less RNG based spawning

    We all know the issue with the avenger emblems, need to kill the wall of flesh at least 3(4 after 1.3?) only if you are lucky enough. But the real annoying part if getting those damn voodoo dolls. And why? Because waiting for a voodoo demon to spawn is boring as hell. pun intended I suggest...
  3. zimberzimber

    Your Favorite Christmas Theme!

    The title pretty much says it all, what is your favorite Christmas theme? It can be from a game, a remix, something you wrote, from a show, WHATEVER! I'll begin with mine. So, whats you Christmas theme?
  4. zimberzimber

    Misty Ocean

    First of all, I would like to give credit to @Blodmel for thinking about it, but he didn't suggest it, so I'll do it instead. This isn't something big, its a small visual change, and perhaps with a 'minor' side effect. ( ♦ - Without the side effect | ♣ - With the side effect ) ♦ Whenever its...
  5. zimberzimber

    Liquids and Blocks

    Liquids and blocks, the only interaction between the two is blocks holding the liquid together. I say this can be taken a step further. How about allowing certain blocks to be able to soak liquids in them? And why only soak? Certain blocks will be able to turn into another block when they are...
  6. zimberzimber


    Is it just me, or does the site kicks me off randomly and asks to relog? If this was done on purpose, I think this should at least be toggleable.
  7. zimberzimber

    Humorous Your worst post

    We all had to begin somewhere and somehow, and lets face it, we made posts which if we would read it now thinking someone else posted it, we would facepalm ourselves to death and beyond. So, what is YOUR worst post you've ever made. Try also adding as much small details as you can like when you...
  8. zimberzimber

    The Regrowth Staff

    Confirmed to be in game by Cenx! This item is good if you need to spread some grass, but I think it lacks a few features which would make it a lot more useful and worthwhile. ♦ It should grow jungle grass on mud ♦ It shouldn't destroy misc plants/grass ♦ It should grow moss on stone - If...
  9. zimberzimber

    News Feeds options

    Now, as a user who is new to following people (at least openly) I would like to ask why is there no options for the news feeds like for the alerts? I wish to be able to chose what the news feeds will show me just like the alerts can. Also, is it possible to add a "News Feeds" bar next to the...
  10. zimberzimber

    Resolved Anti-spam system

    Can the time to post please be reduced to least to 20 seconds or at least separate the time required for certain actions. Me, and probably many other users are frustrated that they have to wait 30 seconds to post anything. How much time does it take to transfer from a thread to someones profile...
  11. zimberzimber

    Humorous Wrongest line

    What are the wrongest lines you ever heard? (Think mourning wood) Please be sure to provide some proof, one way or another. :) I'll provide an example: Missile Defender - Command and Conquer Generals "I wanna blow somethin' up!" (Skip to 0:43)
  12. zimberzimber

    Heroes of Might and Magic

    Anyone else enjoys the franchise or at least part of it? I feel alone here ._.
  13. zimberzimber

    Zimberzimber's stockpile of art!

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl, I present to you the one and only... Yeah... not the best banner... Don't question it, just let it roll over you! Here you will see EVERYTHING I create, from sprites to SFM posters! :happy: I will rarely add stuff, but I will when I create something. Please...
  14. zimberzimber

    When Biomes Clash

    Hello and welcome to another suggestion of mine! Today we will be discussing the relations between the various mobs of Terraria. So Unicorn, what can you tell us about Floaty Gross? - "Well he's a huge D*&$! I hate everything about him, and I don't ever want to see him again! Why do I even work...
  15. zimberzimber

    The (better) Desert

    Hello and welcome to my (already suggested on the previous forum) suggestion where I would give ideas on how the desert could be improved in various ways. ♥ I will try to compare it to the pre-hardmode jungle because that seems reasonable and I don't want to make the player to jump from biome...
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