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  1. TailedVechi

    PC Moon lord glitch.

    This happened after I killed him, and then died like seconds after, he didn't even drop his stuff.
  2. TailedVechi

    PC Help, weird moon lord glitch.

    being moved to the bugs section.
  3. TailedVechi

    PC Starscream's hoarding box

    *Currently a work in progress* Stock: Materials, consumables Lots of bars from normal ores. Lots of beetle husks. 48 to be exact Some christmas vanity (mainly sweaters, horns, and giant bows) 4 broken heros swords Broken bat wing (one) Weapons and accesories Solar eclipse weapons, and...
  4. TailedVechi

    PC Closed, I don't need them anymore.

    Nothing much needed here anymore, mods can lock it if they need.
  5. TailedVechi

    WIP The Corrupt Factor

    The Corrupt Factor The rise of the Corruption Horde. Will be updated whenever I can once it starts, will generally go at my pace. The story of a young girl discovering her place in this Hallowed world, as a person of the darkness, and a herald of the Corruption. Plotbin and Character Stuff...
  6. TailedVechi

    WIP The Discovery of True Corruption (+pictures in later chapters.)

    The Discovery of True Corruption The story of a young Duke Fishron learning the truth of the world, and how not everything is perfect. The First Story is finished, perhaps the sequel will be on here as well when I want to write it. Extra Chapters & Prologue: Story Chapters...
  7. TailedVechi

    Member-Run Project Vechi's Art Box

    TailedVechi's Art Box *Somewhat Open (Picky on what I'll do.)* This is my art thread, I used to run this back when I was using my original name. Finally, I have begun to upgrade, and clean up some of my old threads. So this is the art one, hope you enjoy the new cleaned up art style that I've...
  8. TailedVechi

    Star's introduction

    Hello the names Starscream,or Star if you want a nickname to call me by. I am a female gamer with a love for games like Terraria,I currently live in the U.S.,and attend the school system. I have played this game for over 2 years,and would love to start making video content for this game. I will...
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