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  1. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Xbox One Looking to do Frost and/or Pumpkin moons

    Need 2 or more ppl to help with Frost and/or Pumpkin moons for weapons and trophies. Msg Dharak Colossus, Mic preferred
  2. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Nintendo Switch hype train!

    CHOO-CHOO! The Switch is due to release in March 2017 with a starting price of 200 Great-British pounds! (255 usd). I found this to go with it. http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/nintendo-switch-release-date-rumours-news-and-specs. It contains; -Rumours -Videos and images -Statistics -Etc. Know...
  3. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Rate the above user's Signature!

    easier done than said, rate the last commenters signature out 5. The signature is the box below a person's post. I'll start, 5/5. "Glowing mushrooms" ~IGN
  4. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Trump or Hilary, Who is worse?

    I'm feeling trump'll win by landslide
  5. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Ask for help finding a song!

    Describe a song's lyrics or music video and get help finding its name. I have two, 1) Its an Italian or French song, probably Italian, where a man runs from a police officer until the end where he hides in a box being taken away and the running man then gets married, all the lyrics are in...
  6. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    I'm a furry gamer AMA

    Deal with it, now lets get started
  7. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Serious Guys, i need help

    This is about a Minecraft server I played on, It was called xUndertale based on the popular Steam Game Undertale. And a few minutes ago, everything was okay, Three players were on. We were all at our plots, when we die and go to spawn and see the most messed up thing. A bunch of signs saying...
  8. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Serious Breaking News!

    <video removed by staff> leaked Terraria 1.3.2 content! the bad graphics are very odd though
  9. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    If the above user's profile pic was an NPC, what would he/she sell/do?

    Is was inspired by the thread: If the above user's profile was an NPC, what would one of their quotes be? Posted by: @YellowPie84 So basically, pretty straight forward, if the guy who posted last's profile pic was an NPC, what would they sell or do? Note: if the last profile pic is an animal...
  10. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Cross-Platform Tom Clancy's The Division Discussion

    Back story! You are a part of a agency (previously secretive,) called The Division. You are a part of the second wave of Division agents after most of the past wave mysteriously vanished. You have to save Manhattan from a disease from tainted money known as the 'Green Poison' and find out it's...
  11. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    PS Vita Constant Crashing on Vita

    My terraria: PSVita won't stop crashing every 2 minutes, it happened rarely but not that rarely before the current update. I swear if it hap-p-p-p-p-p-p-p Please fix-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x......
  12. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Casual Anyone know anything bad that happened to someone you know?

    I have two things, My cousin was at a local mall with her mum and sister (I think...) and this guy, just walked up to her, "bopped" (punched) her in the nose, and ran for the hills. She had a broke nose but it has healed but she can no longer smell. The second, two weeks before me and my...
  13. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    What was the last thing you ate or are currently eating?

    Rules are simple type the last thing or what you are currently eating, I'll start: Scrambled eggs
  14. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Make a way to die, using the last letter in the way above you

    Here's what you gotta do Person 1: Terminator Person 2: Road Rage Person 3: ebola and so on... it can be anything as messed up, as dumb and/or as random as possible I'll start: A nuclear winter
  15. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Make a way to die, using the last letter in the way above you

    Here's what you gotta do Person 1: Terminator Person 2: Road Rage Person 3: ebola and so on... I'll start: A nuclear winter
  16. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Fallout 4 - discussion thread

    Sorry if this has already been made, but, thoughts? i honestly think its a great game, a bit too hard tho. The story is your are an ordinary man/woman in what seems like the 50's in USA, NY, but one morning a man walks up to your door, asking if you want to apply to live in 'The Vault' or 'Vault...
  17. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    New Debuff - The Common Cold

    Hello... *SNEEZE* sorry, *sniff* I have a cold and I thought it should be a debuff that has a chance to be inflicted by staying in the surface and underground ice biomes for one in-game hour, this chance is increased every 5 in-game minutes, It does the following things... A chance to "sneeze"...
  18. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Voodoo Demon of Steel

    Description: AKA: Robo-Demon, when in it's 1st form The voodoo demon of steel looks like a voodoo demon, but it is 1.5x bigger, it has a silver color and glowing-red eyes like Skeletron Prime's. When in it's 2nd form 1 of it's eyes will flicker on/off, some holes are visible and wires are...
  19. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    WIP The Black Plaque....

    The Black plaque is a rather unusual event it starts off with this warning: 'The land in the distance is becoming black with disease...' and very rapidly blocks become infected with the plaque and turn black if you walk on these blocks you will be given the 'weeper' effect which lasts until you...
  20. Forty-Seven Rōnin

    Enemy spawning on/off feature

    I recently joined a clan and im looking to make a base world and im looking to build it in the sky but theres wyverns and harpies so why not add a feature to disable enemy spawns? also can you add this into consoles and pc at the same time?
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