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  • 1.4 will bring many changes to the PC version. We strongly advise making plans to back up your worlds and players prior to updating your game. More details here.
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  1. DXOS3

    Xbox One Capture the Gem X Edition MMXVI

    After unsuccessful dealing with trying to get this thing front row center on the home page, this tournament is NOT going to the dumps Anyways, welcome to CTG X. It's Capture the Gem, only 10x more epic! Sign up today to win awesome prizes and 'eternal glory'. The Superior Gaming Network will be...
  2. DXOS3


    This is a post about the upcoming league that is going to be held for version 1.3 for terraria coming out assuming all goes well. Enjoy the big update with this great tournament. It will start on {To be announced in the future}. Rules and signing up can be done here...
  3. DXOS3

    PC Who wants to play old-fashioned terraria on softcore?

    I am looking for some people aged 14-25 to come and play some good Terraria with me on a private network. Everything is set up. I like to play on skype so searching my forum name or "dxos.lawton" should come up with my name. Anyone that wants to play, I will send my server information...
  4. DXOS3

    PC Cursor Help!

    I just got Terraria on my computer a couple days ago for my Hp laptop. I got started playing and I noticed that when I move my character, I as well cannot move my cursor. Also sometimes the character will not do an action like swinging a sword when I click. Until I get a real mouse however...
  5. DXOS3

    Console Do console players recieve the 1.3 update later when the PC comes out?

    I was thinking that if the PC version will in the future gets all this new stuff, will we get any of it in the future? What is your thoughts on this? Indicate your platform too and tell me what you think would be a great addition to the console game. I also need help with an article on the...
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