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  1. MadmanLava

    Duality Sigil - An extra tool for world customization(+concept drawing)

    Hey you. Yes, you. Are you tired of getting an unfavorable Hallow/Evil positioning upon starting hardmode? Admit it, we've all been there: You finally take down the Wall of Flesh, only to find that the Corruption is perfectly positioned to total the Jungle, or the hallow has overwritten your...
  2. MadmanLava

    Madman's Terraria Art

    I, uh, only have one thing to post here so far, but Im very proud of how it came out.
  3. MadmanLava

    Mobile A couple 3 second changes that could drastically boost new Mobile controls' usability.

    Make it so you can jump using the movement joystick. A separate button makes you juggle fingers more, and easily could make fighting and flying very very hard. Add an option to make the crosshair around the player go away. Its annoying just sticking there. That is all.
  4. MadmanLava

    PC The Magnet Sword

    Magnet Sword From: Honestly, I have no idea where this should drop/be crafted with. Probably underground drop. Feel free to leave suggestions, though keep in mind its designed for "Late Prehardmode" Damage: 20 (~32 for projectile, ~10 for each subfragment) Knockback: Average Use Time: Slow...
  5. MadmanLava

    PC How does multiplayer affect spawning?

    Is the mob cap impacted at all? Would it be possible to perfectly align the spawning radiuses of an array of players to make a mob farm the size of the entire world?
  6. MadmanLava

    PC Madman's Bin 'O Builds

    I recently decided to get back into Terraria on the creative side, so Ill post my various works here, as they are made. I like to build fortresses in particular, and also have a fondness for underground bases. I have a deep respect for those who can do sci-fi or spaceships well in Terraria.
  7. MadmanLava

    WIP [MOBILE] Mobile Improvements Compilation!

    EDIT: Well folks. Its official. The reset is coming later this month, and its looking to stand up to the quality the game deserves. Thanks for contributing to this thread! (NOTE: This thread may not receive much attention from me unless I think of another thing to place, so please don't think...
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