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  1. gamerX-_-X1124

    PS4 Mercenary for hire

    **PS4 ONLY** I will help clear any boss or invasion (expert or normal) all i need in return are either coins or basic materials(depends on boss/event difficulty)**summoners must be provided and ALL LOOT AND COINS will go to you** Pricings go as follows: boss name | normal price...
  2. gamerX-_-X1124

    PS4 how every one?

    Im looking for people to play with(with a mic) and to trade with, i need building materials, wood, stone, dirt, and any other early game usefull items i can give platinum and treasure bags for all bosses. can also help with any building or farming. My PSN is the same as my username.
  3. gamerX-_-X1124

    PS4 Need basics

    i need basic things like chests and some building blocks as my world that had litterally millions of items was deleted i do have lost of patinum i am trading 100 platinum for 100 chests aso more plat. for different things so msg me for details psn is my username thanks!
  4. gamerX-_-X1124

    PS4 Item Trading

    This thread is not for trading items with me specificaly, but anyone who views If anyone wants to trade a cell phone, PDA, or golden fishing rod I can give other endgame items and will repay you with whatever you want I have hundreds of treasure bags, rods of discord, moonlord items (expert and...
  5. gamerX-_-X1124

    PS4 Best Loudouts (for different classes)

    What is some good setups for different classes? I need some things new but also good, things such as highest crit, and highest damage amp would be nice. along with good accessories. Thanks for any feedback!
  6. gamerX-_-X1124

    PS4 anyone need expert bags?

    I have been grinding moonlord bags and willing to give some away along with many other endgame items, excluding the cellphone and some other new items, msg me for more details psn: gamerX-_-X
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