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  1. breadbin

    tModLoader New Mod Idea - banner drops being random again

    I prefer the way Terraria used to handle banners in that there was a random chance of a drop of a banner when you killed an enemy. I think it was 1.3 when they patched that to set the banners to drop every 50th kill. Would it be possible to make this happen? I'd love to have a go at it myself...
  2. breadbin

    PC New playthrough suggestion...no workbench allowed?

    I thought it might be a good idea to start a new playthrough. I have thousands of hours sunk into Terraria and would like a challenge. Something different at least. I don't think this has been done before. Maybe something similar has. Play Terraria expert without using a Workbench. Are there...
  3. breadbin

    tModLoader I always lose 2-3 items when I die on medium core:(

    I have Spirit, Calamity and Thorium mods working well with a medium core character on a small world. The only problem I have is that when I die, I seem to lose 2-3 things that are on the right side of my quick bar. It's nothing to do with being in lava, or things falling through the ground. I...
  4. breadbin

    Linux Have, Thorium, Calamity and Spirit Mods loaded and have weird bugs? or new game mechanics?

    I had the Tremor Mod installed but someone told me to remove it as my game kept crashing. I removed it and now it seems to working fairly ok. I am experiencing weird movement bugs and inventory bugs, although they could be new game mechanics belonging to a certain mod. Anyone else experiencing...
  5. breadbin

    Linux How would I stop the NPC safe zone from preventing mobs spawning?

    I have never built a mod before for Terraria but I would like to start and I have been looking for a way to get rid of the safe zone. I just made a lava trap and I want the mobs to spawn normally at my base. Nrmally the presence of NPCs will prevent mobs from spawning for 50 blocks I think? Does...
  6. breadbin

    PS Vita First time this error happened to me! Lost absolutely everything:(

    Playing on the Vita and the game was saving. It hasn't crashed in about a year just to add. Then i got an error about how there is not enough mmeory on the Vita to save the game. It told me to minimize the game and delete one or more other apps from the Vita and that it needed 32kb more to save...
  7. breadbin

    Would be great to be able to catch and display enemies?

    Was just thinking to myself wouldn't it be great if you were able to hunt down and catch enemies as well as the likes of fish and critters. I mean like i would love to have a huge building in my world with a cage with lets say a Red Devil in there and down the corridor have a signpost outside a...
  8. breadbin

    First 'Drow Rules' playthrough - came up against a bit of a snag

    i've been playing my first 'Drow Rules' playthrough and came up with a problem. Drow rules for anyone who doesnt know is when you dig down to the cavern layer immediately after spawning and stay down there until you defeat the wall of flesh. No going up for supplies like fallen stars, trees...
  9. breadbin

    PS Vita Anyone know a good way to get a fire feather?

    i've been in hell now for ages and have killed about 40-50 red devils looking for a fire feather. They haven't dropped one. I think the drop rate is less than 1.33% because it was increased to that in 1.3 but we are still in 1.2. is there any way i can farm the red devils somehow?
  10. breadbin

    Things in the game that were better the first time round

    Just wondering if anyone else preferred anything in the game before it was changed by an update. I have 2 or 3 that I wish were left alone. I preferred it when the clowns were able to blow up your Base. Made it a bit more exciting. I remember the first time I seen it happen. I was shocked! I...
  11. breadbin

    PS Vita What mob banners are there on the Vita? or not?

    I am building a banner room and want to put a holder for each banner alphabetically in the room. I want to be able to collect them all and know which ones i have already and which ones i need to farm. I need to have some sort of list to systematically go through and tick off! I see on the wiki...
  12. breadbin

    Console Hello there...

    Hey there, i'm new to these forums but not new to Terraria. Have it on PC, iPad and Console. Play mostly on Vita and this is why i joined these forums because I am sick to death of the game crashing. It's mostly unplayable now for me on Vita. For anyone who has never played it on the Vita, get...
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