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  1. Demon God Ivuul

    The Land of the Dead (Text Adventure)

    Please, before you make any posts: Welcome to the Land of the Dead, my 5th major Text Adventure! but don't fret, unlike my other Text Adventures, this one has almost no connections to the previous 4. This is like my other games, a story driven one. Set in another world where humans go to when...
  2. Demon God Ivuul

    Return to Neibreth: A Sequel to a Text Adventure of mine... [Story based]

    Please, Before you make any Posts: Return to Neibreth, Be one of the survivors who venture into the Land of Neibreth and deal with the threat of a dark force, A Story based text adventure with RPG Elements. The 4th entry in my Text Adventure series, But you don't really need to know much to...
  3. Demon God Ivuul

    Wavebank Wavebank Request

    Hello, First of all, sorry if this is the wrong spot for this, i couldn't find anywhere else to post it. By chance is there anyone out there who is taking Requests for Wavebanks at the moment? I'v been trying to get this Mixed Wavebank done for awhile now, and alas i lack the skill set to make...
  4. Demon God Ivuul

    Dragon Quest Monsters

    Hello and welcome to this game. This is a nice little story driven game based on the Dragon Quest Monsters series (Disclaimer: you do not need any real knowledge of the series to play.) The main goal is to create a character, make a short backstory and go along with the story. Fight monsters...
  5. Demon God Ivuul

    Resolved How do i Change the name of a forum topic?

    I have a forum gaming running and i need to change its name, How do i do this?
  6. Demon God Ivuul

    Reconstructed Realms: A Text Adventure, Reborn

    Please, Before you make any Posts: [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER][/SPOILER] Have fun![/SPOILER] FACTION LIST Moongates!
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