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  1. The Flaming Crown

    New Terra Blade Crafting Station

    (Sorry if my grammar is poor) The Terra Blade is a Legendary Sword, yet it is crafted at an Anvil. The Night's Edge, a lesser sword, is crafted at an Altar. To me that seems strange, why would you give a lesser sword a grander forging? This would add a new crafting station to specifically forge...
  2. The Flaming Crown

    Please Erase me

    The title is self explanatory; What end game armor is hardest to craft? Beetle: Pros You will get a lot of the materials quickly The crafting doesn't require any special crafting stations Golem always drops Beetle Husks Cons Killing Golem is hard for some people You need Lihzard Power...
  3. The Flaming Crown

    What Accessories do you Love but Never have Enough Room to Equip them?

    The title really explains everything. What Accessories do you love but never have enough room to equip them? Please give a reason. As for me, I like the Lava Waders, Lucky Coin, and Moon Shell. Lava Waders: Because they give a very cool effect & are helpful Lucky Coin: Because I like killing...
  4. The Flaming Crown

    Paint Clentaminator

    Hello fellow Terrarians! This is my first ever created thread, The Paint Clentaminator. Haven't you ever wanted to paint a Mansion, or Spray an entire world with negative paint? Well, this item would allow you to spray out a stream, that paints tiles on contact. Paint Clentaminator...
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