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  1. coffeemancer

    So about that lore...

    After 1.4 dropped i decided to read the lore update from last year, and I think I'm left with more questions then answers, so I want to have a discussion about this. From my perspective, Terraria is a big fun game that wasn't really designed around or for a storyline or overarching plot /...
  2. coffeemancer

    Pyromancer Thread

    Have you tried something like this? These are the rules I have set up so far:
  3. coffeemancer


    After you defeat MARTIAN MADNESS, the Alien Trader will arrive sometimes looking for things like LIFE FRUITs and MANA CRYSTALs. They have been to other worlds and can trade you things your character has never seen on their world; COPPER/TIN LEAD/IRON etc. CRIMSON/CORRUPTION SEEDS ICHOR/CURSED...
  4. coffeemancer


  5. coffeemancer


    New weapons that can be made from CORRUPTED or CRIMSON cactus and DEMON or CRIMTANE bars. Living Toothsaw Crimson Overhead swing sword that rapidly hits multiple times as it passes through an enemy, making an otherworldly chainsaw sound with each swing Sting Smasher Corruption Chain flail that...
  6. coffeemancer

    Fusion Bomber [Magic Weapon]

    This is a weapon that fires three small orbs, one straight, one arching upwards, one arching downwards. The individual orbs will deal some damage. If all three orbs collide into eachother at the end of their trajectory, it creates a big damage explosion. Be advised: the orbs will collide into...
  7. coffeemancer

    ReLogic + Yacht Club cross promotion, let's go!

    Can you talk to the guys and gals at Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight) and do a crossover of some kind?
  8. coffeemancer

    Interesting RAVEN STAFF Feature

    I was going through my weapons doing reforges and noticed that while my Demonic Star Dragon Staff is +15% Damage, Raven Staff with the same Demonic modifier has +16% Damage (both have the same +5% Crit).
  9. coffeemancer

    PC [Boss] Jungle Jim

    Jungle Jim is the boss of the Surface Jungle / Tropical Oasis mini-biome. He's a giant ape monster like King Kong. Tropical Oasis A new mini-biome found in some worlds in the surface Desert, characterized by lush green surrounding a small body of water. Starting the fight Go to the Tropical...
  10. coffeemancer

    Ideas for my AFK/Farm

    Hello, this is my Farm I built today The pyramid on the right is the "AFK Pyramid" with a lava pit to kill enemies automatically. You can see on the left i'm waiting for the rows of stuff to grow. I'm curious what biomes are good to farm while AFK for money. (It's set to ice right now...
  11. coffeemancer

    Port-a-Store or NPC Phone

    Something to allow the player to sell junk out in the field. Should probably be around the rarity of Flying Piggybank if not a bit rarer
  12. coffeemancer

    Lower end-game Reforge Costs?

    What do you think I just spent most of my total savings to gain a few more defense points, and 3+ plat on a +2 armor only to end up with +2 again.
  13. coffeemancer

    Decreasing the cost for Impending Doom token

    I feel like the cost for the summon token for Impending Doom could be lower... maybe 10 of each soul instead of 20. I have a few end-game worlds and have done this event dozens of times and it's always frustrating trying to practice or re-learn the fight especially on lower defense characters...
  14. coffeemancer

    Alien Technology Addition

    Can we get this backpack and forcefield?
  15. coffeemancer

    Hard time farming Brain Scrambler

    Does anyone else have trouble with this? Even with a good set-up i've killed over 100+ Scuttlix Gunners and still not a single drop Please
  16. coffeemancer

    Need to Fix Scuttlix Gunner

    I believe in a world where we can farm Scuttlix Mount without worrying about which piece of the SCUTTLIX GUNNER we have to kill. If you kill it the wrong way it will not drop the item. Facts: Scuttlix Gunner is the uncommon mob that drops Scuttlix Mount 1% 1/100 during Martian Madness You have...
  17. coffeemancer


    I feel like Builders really need a movement tool in the game before the UFO is available, UFO is so far into the game but building in certain situations can be tedious I"m recommending a small copter with infinite flight but low speed, too low for travel or fighting but just enough to...
  18. coffeemancer

    This game needs Chickens

    There are no chicken critters in the game....... ahhhhh why!
  19. coffeemancer

    What Quest are you On?

    Hello What are you currently doing in Terraria? I made a character to collect every animal Mount / Pet / Critter. I'm doing this from square one which means no transfering pets from other characters. The only exception was the UFO which I only use for building and I'm not planning on getting...
  20. coffeemancer

    Turtle Mount Adjustment

    Turtle Mounts drop rarely from Golden Chests, which drops rarely from Fishing, which is not very effective in the early to pre-hardmode game. As your fishing pole is weaker, fewer fishing accessories, and the day/night cycle effects fishing power. I suggest to add the Turtle Mount to the drop...
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