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  1. PTpirahna

    Trade-Killing Moon Lord does not result in drops

    If you kill moon lord as he kills you (say if you hit him and he dies but a stray projectile gets the last hit on you) then he won't drop anything, or even say "Moon Lord has been defeated!". I'm guessing this is because he takes such an absurdly long time to die with a long winded animation...
  2. PTpirahna

    Hive blocks are unplaceable

    Using Mac OS X 10.8.5 Despite my best efforts I can't place hive blocks, even in places that I can place other blocks.
  3. PTpirahna

    Constant Connecting to X… message

    I'm trying to play with a friend on steam, and when I try to to join his world, it just is stuck at "Connecting to friend…." and it never stops. It never gives me access to a place where I can enter my password. It had worked a few weeks before, but not anymore, with seemingly no changes, on...
  4. PTpirahna

    **REPORTED** Slayer of Worlds refuses to unlock ingame

    According to the game, I lack Slayer of Worlds. However Steam considers me to own it.
  5. PTpirahna

    Granite Endurer

    Multiplayer makes it a bit difficult to get Life Crystals, so why not make it a bit easier for hearts to be gotten? Granite enemies seem pretty tough, why not make one drop something to make you tough, too? Granite Endurer AI: Fighter Max Life: 300/450 in expert Defense: 24 Attack: 20 KB...
  6. PTpirahna

    Immune Solution: Get rid of the pesky Corruption for good!

    Immunity Solution Ammunition Max Stack:999 Buy Cost : 40 Silver Sold by Steampunker post Moon Lord Converts all dirt based grasses into Immune Grass which looks identical to regular grass but is immune to spreading biomes. Immune Grass will spread more Immune Grass onto vacant dirt...
  7. PTpirahna

    Change the value of Heart Crystals

    Currently and Heart Crystals are the highest things on the Metal Detector's priority list. What this results in is that you can get your metal detector clogged up with declarations of finding Heart Crystals rather than Chlorophyte. Because of this, Heart Crystals should be changed to have the...
  8. PTpirahna

    Small Suggestion for Multiplayer: The Unsafe

    The Unsafe would basically just be a storage item that holds 1 consistent inventory. However instead of the inventory being bound to the player, it's bound to team colors or the world, meaning people could put their ores and other things in a single place. Money can also be drawn out from it...
  9. PTpirahna

    Keybrand is the wrong rarity

    I killed a guy, he dropped the keybrand. But the name is the wrong color. A quick relog fixes this. EDIT: This seems to occur with many HM dungeon items, such as the Kraken and the Tactical Shotgun. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume this occurs with all of them, actually.
  10. PTpirahna

    Mac WTB Band of Regeneration

    Since my luck is terrible I would like to buy a Band of Regeneration from someone for 5 gold. Contact details will be given later. Irrelevant, item has been obtained.
  11. PTpirahna

    The Noisemaker

    A rather simple "just for fun" item. Noisemaker Crafted with: 8x Demonite Bars or 8x Crimtane Bars "Basic garden-variety noisemaker" When used makes the sound of a boss summoning/Eye of Cthulhu charging/Spazmatism charging sound. The range of this sound and the sounds of the other...
  12. PTpirahna

    The Boingbouncer: A New Form of Attack

    It's been 8 months and I've just realized that I've never even seen the create new thread interface Anyway, I've decided to make a weapon suggestion, also my first suggestion, inspired by the pogo attacks in the game Shovel Knight. Boingbouncer (imagine a sword of some sort here) 110 Melee...
  13. PTpirahna

    Pumpking affected by ichor?

    Simple yes or no question, is the Pumpking affected by ichor? I'm wondering if I should keep firing away with my Stynger or if I should take a bit to golden shower it. It's hard to tell when he's a goldenish color already.
  14. PTpirahna

    Allow the ability to control backgrounds

    Am I the only one who hates some of the backgrounds? It's gotten to the point to where I don't want to play on worlds with some of the backgrounds I don't like. So my proposed fix is the ability to choose which background you want. Upon world generation you will be able to choose the backgrounds...
  15. PTpirahna

    Weapons are super slow

    Weapons shoot half as fast as usual. It severely increases difficulty when your DPS is half of what it should be, to the point of making it ridiculous to fight bosses like The Twins without setting up hearts all around the arena.
  16. PTpirahna

    Many 1.2 items unreforgable

    Simply the title. Immediately when opening up 1.2 on mobile for the first time I tried to obtain the Pickaxe Axe. I then found that I couldn't reforge it. When I made wings or lightning boots I could reforge them fine, but my items like my Stynger and my Picksaw remained unreforgable. Which...
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