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  1. MarisaG

    Free shared dedicated server available...

    Hello! I have a free shared Terraria server available to first responder. Normally hosting is $14/month with first month free. This server is running under Ubuntu Linux, and it is located in a datacenter so no worries about power or network outages... This is a shared server so I may use it for...
  2. MarisaG

    Public Terraria list?

    What do people think about having a list of public Terraria servers? They could be open or require an invite. I could set this up if you think anyone would use it...
  3. MarisaG

    Linux How to add mods to the LinuxGSM install of Terraria?

    I have the server up and running, but I don't know how to add mods to it. The LinuxGSM install went fine and I have it connecting with my Steam account and I can log into it, but I would like to add some mods. Anyone have any tips on doing this? Thx! Marisa
  4. MarisaG

    Resolved [PSVita] How do I connect my PSVita Terraria to my hosted server?

    I see how to start my own game on the Vita, and I have severs running on dedicated machines that I can access fine from my desktop, but I can't figure out how to join those games on my Vita. Any help? Marisa
  5. MarisaG

    Hello, just got the Terraria itch!

    I've been running and hosting several other sandbox games (Opensim, MineTest, Lugdunon, etc) for many years, but only just got into Terraria for my new PSVita. I have a dedicated Terraria server at Welcome to this Terraria server and fan-site! - Terraria Fan Site and would love to have you join...
  6. MarisaG

    Help getting a dedicated Ubuntu server listed...

    I have the server installed and it is varifying my steam account when it starts, but I don't know where to go to get my server to show up in a server list. It just goes to my steam page. I used the IP address method and it worked fine, but I want to avoid players having to know the IP to play on...
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