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  1. Muteness

    Resolved Slayer of Worlds Achievement Broken (Resolved)

    (Resolved upon killing the Brain of Cthulhu after killing the Eater of Worlds) With the update came 3 new achievements to complete for me despite there should have only been 1 left to do and prioer I was 89/89 done with them. Along with the infamous Benched one I also had Temple Raider and...
  2. Muteness

    WIP Revamping Event; Blood Moon

    Sources of images and credit to the people who originally brought this to my attention on Reddit are EinsGotdemar with their post "(Mod Concept) Blood Giant Miniboss" and Jestexe who responded with "Blood Giant miniboss". Despite the original premise being for a mod the vanilla Blood Moon is...
  3. Muteness

    Mediumcore Re-Equipping, Death Markers & Other Conveniences

    I did a cursory search of this and can't think of whatever it'd be labelled as if someone has suggested this before in Otherworld, also, how the hell has this not be suggested before?! As stated above This has been heavily requested In Terraria I imagine it would be no different in...
  4. Muteness

    I'm Sick of Vanity vs Equipment Problems!

    Here's the opening premise Requests Currently in Terraria Using Vanity as Storage Now regardless of if you ever done this or agree/disagree with this the fact of the matter is people do this. They storage items in their vanity slots for the purpose of switching between them. This is partly...
  5. Muteness

    WIP Minion Biomes?! Wieldable Minions?! Do Summoners even go to Class...?

    Before we get to the main topic I need to clarify something I see countless people missing, completely over looking at times and just out right not thinking about at all. WIP stands for Work in Progress. The chances are you're thinking you know this and didn't need reminding, statistically...
  6. Muteness

    Resolved HELP! https://forums.terraria.org keeps kicking me?

    As the title suggests I'm having trouble maintaining myself logged in. Every so often I'll be logged out without any sign indicating this and refreshing the page reveals the on the top right where it reads my user name it's suppose to read "please log in or sign up". This happens frequently and...
  7. Muteness

    PC What Happened To Being Melee? (Read OP, Under Revisionary Scrutiny)

    - Important Notice - - Please Read 'Before voting'! - The following is subject to change. The main point of this thread is to discuess an alternative weapon choice to help prevent melee from feeling the same as those who are ranged. Nothing in this thread is final until it's locked. If you...
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