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    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    I've been in love with this mod ever since I found out about it recently, great work with all those fun weapons. (Although I have only checked the magic ones due to my current run) Looks like I have quite a few more collectionist runs to do. Anyway, something caught my attention: for the Nuclear...
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    tModLoader Portable Storage 2

    May I suggest a few balancing changes? The Adventurer's Bag could be sold by the Merchant after an early major progression point, such as beating EoC or EoW/BoC. 12 leather might not seem much at first, but when you realize that actually means 60 rotten flesh/vertebra, which only have a 33%...
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    tModLoader DNI's Odds ands Ends

    Is anyone else's game crashing every time they die with this mod enabled? I don't know if it's just wonky interactions with other mods, but disabling it seems to have made the issue go away.
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    tModLoader Helpful Hotkeys

    Well that was fast. Thank you so much, the quick use key for custom items is great.
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    tModLoader Helpful Hotkeys

    Recently I've found myself repeatedly turning it on and off while trying to squeeze any performance I can out of my toaster so I guess it would save me some time, no idea if anyone else would find it as useful though.
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    tModLoader Helpful Hotkeys

    Would it be possible to add a hotkey to enable/disable frame skip?
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    tModLoader Portable Storage 2

    It's great to see an update full of features like this including those tiered general use bags, I hope quantum bags/chests and those quick inventory handling buttons come back later on.
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    tModLoader Recipe Browser

    Whenever I quit from a world back to title and try loading a world again after using Recipe Browser, the mod's window pops up for a bit and then the game crashes with the "Begin cannot be called again until End has been successfully called" error. Following tML's instructions on how to figure...
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    tModLoader Boss Highlights

    It's what I was planning to do until the steps that were consistently giving me the crash when I made the previous post didn't suddenly feel like not crashing the game anymore. I guess I'll just give up on trying to reproduce this, it's better to just go back to playing until it happens again...
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    tModLoader Boss Highlights

    The crash happened to me multiple other times as well on a normal run for other bosses like Brain of Cthulhu, Queen Bee and Wall of Flesh too so I know it's nothing specific to some of them. That's why my initial guess was either after a few different bosses or after some time of play.
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    tModLoader Boss Highlights

    I'm not quite sure if the bug only happens on larger modpacks or with the mod alone, all I did was following tML's instructions upon seeing the " Begin cannot be called again..." error and seeing Boss Highlights being mentioned in the crashlog that annoyingly keeps getting deleted every time you...
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    tModLoader Boss Highlights

    Looks like the offscreen indicator thing is crashing the game either after enough time or after fighting a few different bosses, I'm not sure.
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    PC Flat UI

    ...Well I didn't know that. Hopefully someone has a backup of the original version then.
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    PC Flat UI

    I've converted the texture pack to the current (at least as of 1.3.5) and more user-friendly format using XNB2PNG, given how the original link disappeared and Caicyo hasn't been active for almost a year by now there shouldn't be any issue with sharing it. I suppose. Dropbox - Flat UI.zip Send me...
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    tModLoader Wormholes (and also Scroll of Town Portal)

    Small bug report, this latest update makes the wormhole icons render far outside the borders of the minimap.
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    tModLoader Mod Helpers

    Is there any way to disable the tags listing in the mod browser? I checked the config and thought that setting "IsCheckingModTags" to false would work, but it didn't help at all.
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    tModLoader Miscellania

    Is the ancient forge supposed to have a green glow? It just feels kinda off.
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    tModLoader Item Checklist - In-game 100% item collection checklist

    It seems that the textboxes in the new UI might be clickable even when the UI itself isn't open.
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    tModLoader Where's My Items

    I just found out that an easy way to check for this bug is by just trying to left click 3 blocks below you. Even just swinging a pickaxe in that direction causes all keyboard input to freeze until you left click in front of you and jump, at least in my case. Given how this bizarreness stopped...
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    tModLoader Unusacies' Battle Rods Mod - Use special fishing rods as weapons!

    I find it better to just focus on one target at a time while doing your best to dodge the others instead of trying to attack multiple targets at once. Fishing's all about patience after all.
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