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  1. Mebybemn

    In-Depth Vampirism: A New Style Of Playthrough

    Becoming a Vampire In order to become a vampire, you first have to be infected by cursed blood. Being struck by Blood Zombies or Drippler during a Blood Moon has 2.5% rate of infection, and being struck by a Vampire during a Solar Eclipse has a 10% rate of infection. The infection appears as a...
  2. Mebybemn

    Sprites Underground Desert U.F.O.'s

    As many of you already know, 1.3.3 is going to focus on improving the Underground Desert. So I came up with the idea of Ancient U.F.O.s. Ancient U.F.O.s would generate similarly to underground cabins, but slightly rarer and only deep within the Desert Underground. They would look something like...
  3. Mebybemn

    Logic Puzzle Idea

    I'm working on a logic puzzle using switches, torches, and the new logic gates for one of my maps. The following hints will be written beneath each of the torches. If the player get the combo right, they get to continue. If anyone wants to try and figure it out I have the answers in a spoiler...
  4. Mebybemn

    Amplifying Accesory Modifiers

    I came up with an idea for an item that increases the power of your accessory modifiers, which I think would fit into the game pretty well. Name | Type | Tooltip Amplification Ring | Accessory | 'Boosts the effects of Accesory modifiers' When worn, the Amplification Ring will increase the...
  5. Mebybemn

    Slime Staff Dropping During Slime Rain

    I suggest that the slime staff drop at .5% chance from the following enemies during slime rain. This is a pretty simple change, that will have a big impact on summoners in the earlygame and give people another reason to look forward to slime rain. As a side note, I think the Slime Crown...
  6. Mebybemn

    Bee Larva Turret Minion

    I came up with a early game turret summon that will help summoners out a lot. I'll dive right into the stats: Honey Larva Staff Summon Damage: 12 Minion Type: Turret Mana Cost: 10 Velocity: 7.5 Range: 10 Knockback: Average Rarity: Summons a turret minion that slowly fires globs of honey at...
  7. Mebybemn

    Offensive Gravity Globe

    We all know the gravity globe is a major letdown. I have an idea that will make the currently useless gravity globe into a unique offensive item. Gravitation Globe/Rod 10 tile radius 'An otherworldly force is in your hands...' Left Click pulls nearby enemies to your cursor, Right Click pushes...
  8. Mebybemn

    Starburst Wand & Wand of Sparking Change

    I came up with a idea for a new early game magic wand and a change to the wand of sparking to improve it Starburst Wand 16 magic damage* 5.5 velocity uses 8 mana fires a small star that flashes purple and gold and pierces 8 times. Increases damage by 2 for every enemy it pierces up to a max of...
  9. Mebybemn

    Unique Ammo Ideas

    Pheonix Shot 11 Damage 6 Velocity 3.5 Knockback Inflicts the On Fire! debuff 100% Chance of returning to the players inventory as a musket ball Crafting: x25, x1 Hex Bullet 4-20 Damage 2 Velocity 5 Knockback Deals an additional 4 damage for every debuff the target is inflicted by Crafting...
  10. Mebybemn

    Celestial Pillars: Meaning of their names

    I just realized that the celestial pillars represent the life cycle of a star! Heres a quick diagram I made showing it: Stellar Nebula >>> Star (nebula condenses into a star) >>> Supernova (star dies) >>> Black Hole (when the star is big enough to collapse infinitely in on its self) or Nebula...
  11. Mebybemn

    Celestial Cores - Fight Pillars at your will

    I'm not very good at introductions, so I'm just going to cut to the chase. I am proposing 'monolith cores' that will be used to allow the player to summon and fight whichever pillar they want, without having to deal with going through the entire celestial event (of course they will be crafted...
  12. Mebybemn

    Beast Master NPC

    The Beast Master NPC will allow the player to trade in a specific type of critter in order to get a reward. He is unlocked if a player has a gold critter in their inventory. When attacking he uses a iron bow with special poison arrows. The Beast Master's quests will cycle through four different...
  13. Mebybemn

    Scorpion Husk Armor

    Currently the underground desert offers nothing in hardmode except for a couple of vanity hats. I would like to change that with a series of suggestions, the first being scorpion armor. Here are the details: Poacher Husk 'Extremely light and tough' Materiel Dropped by Sand Poachers (1-2, 33%...
  14. Mebybemn

    Change to a few weapons/items

    ---PRE-HARDMODE--- Silver Bullet Damage: 8 (from 9) Knockback: 3 Velocity: 4.5 * Ignores 4 points of enemy defense * Ignores all defense when hitting werewolves Amber Staff Damage: 25 (from 20) Mana: 9 (from 7) Velocity: 10 (from 9) Use Time: 25, Fast (from 27, Average) Critical Chance: 4% *...
  15. Mebybemn

    Pre-Hardmode Magic Armor Set-Ups

    I've created a guide to magical armors in pre-hardmode which contains 10 different sets (all of which are viable for the WoF) and lists their advantages & disadvantages. Normal Sets (relatively basic sets w/ good defense, easy to use & obtain) ------------------ Meteor Armor (great defense &...
  16. Mebybemn

    Auto Trashing Items

    It would be very helpful if it was possible to keep certain items out of your inventory without leaving them on the ground or trying to avoid them. So I came up with auto trashing, here is how it works. When you select a item for 'auto trash' it will go into your trash bin and when you pick up...
  17. Mebybemn

    What's the deal with Jungle Mimics?

    I noticed a page on the wiki for jungle mimics. I was interested and clicked on it to see its page, but there seems to be no information on these little buggers and through all my efforts I failed to encounter or summon any. It's very strange that there is no information about it EXCEPT that it...
  18. Mebybemn

    Yoyo Ideas

    >>>PRE-HARDMODE<<< Down Beat Melee Damage: 19 Speed: Fast Reach: 13.5 tiles Fly Time: 8 seconds Knockback: Weak Critical Chance: 4% *This is based of a real Yoyo from One Drop http://onedropyoyos.com/yoyos/downbeat *Has a 20% damage variation instead of the usual 5% Dropped By: Underground...
  19. Mebybemn

    PC Set Bonus & Stat Boosts For Obsidian Armor

    For me, the obsidian armor was a big let down. It looks really awesome and does provide defense, but has no stat bonuses or set bonus. Bellow is my suggested stats for obsidian armor in order to make it viable and unique as an armor set. Individual Set Pieces Obsidian Outlaw Hat Defense: 5...
  20. Mebybemn

    Fish Phone, Remote Fishing Quest Access!

    It is super annoying to have to talk to angler to see fishing quests, this is a suggestion to fix this. Fish Phone 100% from 3rd fishing quest completed, only usable in a world with angler NPC, shows the player the current fishing quest.
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