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  1. Mebybemn

    In-Depth Vampirism: A New Style Of Playthrough

    Becoming a Vampire In order to become a vampire, you first have to be infected by cursed blood. Being struck by Blood Zombies or Drippler during a Blood Moon has 2.5% rate of infection, and being struck by a Vampire during a Solar Eclipse has a 10% rate of infection. The infection appears as a...
  2. Mebybemn

    Sprites Underground Desert U.F.O.'s

    It could possibly be made of Tin/Copper Plating or Meteorite Bricks. A version of Tin/Copper Plating for Iron/Lead would even work.
  3. Mebybemn

    Sprites Underground Desert U.F.O.'s

    Oops, I always do that xD Thanks for the support :happy:
  4. Mebybemn

    Sprites Underground Desert U.F.O.'s

    It was more a reference to the supposed Roswell U.F.O. crashes.
  5. Mebybemn

    Sprites Underground Desert U.F.O.'s

    As many of you already know, 1.3.3 is going to focus on improving the Underground Desert. So I came up with the idea of Ancient U.F.O.s. Ancient U.F.O.s would generate similarly to underground cabins, but slightly rarer and only deep within the Desert Underground. They would look something like...
  6. Mebybemn

    Luminous Paint

    Very simple and useful design, I like it!
  7. Mebybemn

    Logic Puzzle Idea

    I'm working on a logic puzzle using switches, torches, and the new logic gates for one of my maps. The following hints will be written beneath each of the torches. If the player get the combo right, they get to continue. If anyone wants to try and figure it out I have the answers in a spoiler...
  8. Mebybemn

    What Would You Add Day 3: New Weapon

    A spear or staff called 'The Fork' which fires a forking lightning bolt similar to the one fired by the cultist.
  9. Mebybemn

    What would You add day 1: New Biome

    An Autumn Forest biome with orange-red trees and leaves drifting through the air. Piles of leaves would generate randomly, and some of them would hop up and attack you with the Slime AI. They would be called 'Am-Bushes' :3
  10. Mebybemn

    What would you bring from other games to terraria?

    The Bubble Gun from Cave Story would be pretty awesome. Also Pokeballs to catch enemies and then deploy them like minions.
  11. Mebybemn

    Amplifying Accesory Modifiers

    I increased the boost amount to 2 and 10 (for arcane), I didn't realize how small the boosts would be. Also, in expert mode you can obtain an extra trinket slot which make this much more useful.
  12. Mebybemn

    Amplifying Accesory Modifiers

    I came up with an idea for an item that increases the power of your accessory modifiers, which I think would fit into the game pretty well. Name | Type | Tooltip Amplification Ring | Accessory | 'Boosts the effects of Accesory modifiers' When worn, the Amplification Ring will increase the...
  13. Mebybemn

    Glorify the Golem

    I completely agree, the golem needs to be buffed. One seemingly small thing that I think would actually make a big difference, is fixing his punching attack. Right now, when the golem punches all you need to do is hit the fist with ANY attack and it will retract immediately. This makes the golem...
  14. Mebybemn

    Boomerangs and chakrams should be throwing weapons

    Though there are exceptions to these rules, for example: the harpoon and piranha gun deal ranged damage, but don't consume ammo.
  15. Mebybemn

    PC Vortex Beater+Nebula Arcanum change proposal

    The Nebula Arcanum is significantly more powerful then the nebula blaze in most situations, I don't see I point in changing it. Giving either of these weapons such low damage will make them borderline useless and extremely unappealing. No support from me.
  16. Mebybemn

    Slime Rain summoning item

    I would rather the slime crown just summon slime rain, especially now that the slime crown is easier to obtain. Also, this: It would make a lot more sense for it to be summoned via the slime crown, which has already been suggested.
  17. Mebybemn

    Little Gems From the Wiki Episode 2: The Saga Continues

    Legitimately a reference to the anime Soul Eater, which Red watches. He attempted to implement the Soul Scythe in 1.2 (which was an extremely obvious reference to Soul Eater) but due to copy right issues it was never implemented. The witch cat was put in its place.
  18. Mebybemn

    Pirate Invasion Changes: Mech-Plantera Summoner Gear, Less RNG

    No problem, I'm glad to help:p
  19. Mebybemn

    Need Help Fighting Celestial Towers..

    Super Healing Potions will help out a lot, you craft then with 4 Greater Healing potions and 1 of each fragment. You may be think "But I can't do that until I destroy every pillar?" You can actually craft 1 fragment for 3 different fragments, for example: I craft 1 nebula fragment out of 1...
  20. Mebybemn

    Pirate Invasion Changes: Mech-Plantera Summoner Gear, Less RNG

    For it to be balanced, I think you will have to do one of the following Buff the damage slightly, not more than 40%, and keep the rest the same. Make the set bonus +1 minions, this will nerf the damage by 8% (to 24% total) automatically and balance it out really well. Keep everything the same...
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