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  1. Brigadier Bread

    Poetry Itali's Little Hole of Poetry

    In this hole I will be creating short poems that may or may not be satisfactory. Eventually I know they will get good because practice makes slightly better performance This thread may stay quite barren for a while, so If you stumble across please make a suggestion for things. by things...
  2. Brigadier Bread

    Story The Man With Green Eyes

    It's dark. It was always dark nowadays, everywhere I go, dark dark dark dark dark, like I only wind up in places at night. It would be nice to see something in perfect clarity for once, with a sun or two shining down on the planet, over plains or snow-filled tundra. Unfortunately for me, those...
  3. Brigadier Bread

    A long needed introduction.

    HELLO THERE MY FRIENDS. I have been a member of this community long enough to have gone so unnoticed. So I have created this late, late, late introduction for myself. I have played Terraria on both mobile and PC, primarily computer. Though I would like to learn how to sprite, I cannot, but to...
  4. Brigadier Bread

    Weapons; Modification And Naming

    So...You've got a favorite weapon. Or a pickaxe, or an axe, or a hammer... but not really them... What will you do when it becomes ineffective at helping you late-game, even with this new idea of "Leveling" I've realized that in Terraria, there is a massive variety of tools of destruction...
  5. Brigadier Bread

    WIP The Blight and Avernus

    (Avernus is the ancient Greek word for a place that was entrance to hell) After you kill the Wall of Flesh, something goes wrong. Instead of releasing the Evil and the Hallow, It releases the Blight, sometimes called the Taint. The Blight is a monstrosity of nature, quickly corrupting...
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