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  1. Hunky

    My first EVER attempt at spriting. (idk if you can even call it that lol)

    So earlier I thought of making a Queen Slime sprite. (I really only recolored the King Slime) I just want to know what you think of it! :) Here it is:
  2. Hunky

    What is your favorite Accessory and why?

    My favorite Accessory is the Lava Waders. Just think about how useful they could be! You can just hop into lava and not even get burnt! You can WALK on water AND lava! You cant get burnt from hellstone and meteorite! It's just... so useful!
  3. Hunky

    PC Terraria Fastest Melee Speed! (Expert)

    Here's the stuff: ~Armour~ Monk's Bushy Brow Shinobi Infiltrator's Torso Solar Flare Leggings ~Accessories~ (all Violent) Fire Gauntlet Power Glove Mechanical Glove Feral Claws Celestial Shell Celestial Stone ~Potions/Foods~ Pumpkin Pie Sake ~Weapons~ You can use any weapon you want, but I...
  4. Hunky

    PC Terraria Maximum Yoyo Damage in the Game! (Expert)

    I was playing around with my Terrarian trying to find the highest damage, and I think I found it! (with the help of others) ~Armour~ Head: Chlorophyte Helmet Torso: Solar Flare Breastlpate Legs: Hallowed Greaves ~Equipment~ Cute Fishron (In water) ~Accessories~ (all Menacing) Celestial Shell...
  5. Hunky

    That moment when...

    That moment when you get an excessive amount if the item you tried to get for five days... Fml
  6. Hunky

    What's Your Favorite Class and Why?

    Let me know why the class is your favorite by replying! :happy:
  7. Hunky

    What's your favorite Minion?

    Let me know why it's your favorite by replying!
  8. Hunky

    Console Best Summoner Loadout

    ~Armor~ Tiki set ~Weapons~ (All Ruthless) Raven Staff Tempest Staff Staff of the Frost Hydra Nimbus Rod (Demonic) ~Accessories~ (All Menacing) Fishron Wings Frostspark Boots Pygmy Necklace Necromantic Scroll Papyrus Scarab Tips: for more damage, you can use the Spooky set first, then switch...
  9. Hunky

    Baseball Bat

    ~Baseball Bat~ 45 base damage 15% critical strike chance Use time (Very fast) Knockback (Very Strong Obtaining/ Crafting: Made at a Mythril/ Orichalcum Anvil Recipe: Wood of any kind (250) Soul of might (15) Soul of Light (20) Soul of Night (20) Can be used to deflect projectiles in a random...
  10. Hunky

    Xbox 360 All Bosses Guide

    Hello Terrarians! I'm going to try to type a descriptive guide for you all to defeat EVERY boss in the game! I'll be posting these periodically, so stay tuned for more! :p ~King Slime~ Possibly the easiest boss in the entire game, the King Slime is a boss that hops around and spawns blue slimes...
  11. Hunky

    Bulletproof Vest

    ~Bulletproof Vest~ Defense-5 50% chance to not take damage from all projectiles ~Obtaining~ Found in The Dungeon (Post Golem) 1.25% chance to drop from Tactical Skeletons and Skeleton Sniper ~Sell Price~ 15 Gold What do you think? Let me know by replying!
  12. Hunky

    Volcanic Biome

    ~My suggestion: Volcanic Biome~ Sometimes it would erupt and it would be sort of like an event, and when it does erupt, lava would fall from the sky along with chunks of rocks. If the player got hit by them, they would take twice the damage of their defense (EX: defense = 3, damage = 6) I...
  13. Hunky

    Xbox 360 Most base damage in the game?

    I was playing around with my Paladin's Hammer trying to figure out the max damage, and I think I found it! Armor Head- Dragon Mask Torso- Turtle Scale Mail Legs- Hallowed Greaves Equipment (All menacing) Destroyer Emblem Avenger Emblem Warrior Emblem Mechanical Glove Fire Gauntlet Weapon...
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