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  1. EvanKrusher Ω

    PC Every Single Idea for a vanity contest submission

    I have decided to create a thread to share to you every single idea that came into my mind as a vanity contest submission. Some of these aren't images, let's start! Those were all of my ideas for the vanity contest I can recall being my idea.
  2. EvanKrusher Ω

    PC Telescopes

    Telescopes When placed it will function as a general background tile. But when you interact with a telescope, it will allow you to view the farther stars and planets of the Terraria universe. Interaction: Interacting with the telescope at night will allow to look into the skies of the Terraria...
  3. EvanKrusher Ω

    Terraria Weapons Tier List (Very Unfinished)

    Note: This list is a Work in Progress, eventually it will be finished Current Version: 0.16 - Pre Hardmode Magic weapons (WIP) How does the list work: This list will be a list that judges Terraria weapons and how good they are in their Progression Tier. There will be 8 tiers: S+, S, A, B, C, D...
  4. EvanKrusher Ω

    Ask Evan Krusher anything

    Ask me anything, but there are a couple rules: 1. No personal stuff 2. If you have a trivia question about Terraria, then PM me. Ask away. After this thead has been around for 1 year (And has not been locked), the poll will be closed and I will display the percentage of people that got it...
  5. EvanKrusher Ω

    tModLoader Modded Biome Music not working, Help is needed.

    Hello, I want custom music playing in my biome but it is silent whenever i go into the biome. Thanks for your help -EvanKrusher
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