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  1. Minemaker0430

    Terraria State of the Game - June 2020

    Seeing as how 1.4 is the last update of Terraria, does this mean we'll get cross-platform compatibility?
  2. Minemaker0430

    PC Celestial Void Worlds (Post-Moonlord Infinite Gameplay)

    This is an INCREDIBLE idea, but sadly I don't think it will make it into the vanilla game. It would be cool if someone made this a mod though!
  3. Minemaker0430

    tModLoader Vanity Contest Mod

    Oooooh! This looks like it'll be a fun mod once it's finished!
  4. Minemaker0430

    tModLoader Dye Hard

    First off, this mod is what I've always wanted Terraria dyes to be! Where you have unlimited customization as to what you can make. That being said, I think some cool additions could be more Gradient Dyes and the addition of Armor Dyes. More Gradient Dyes would let you have stuff like an...
  5. Minemaker0430

    PC Dye Upgrade Suggestion for Update 1.4

    I just got an idea for dyes that could be used in 1.4. I wanted to suggest this now seeing as how 1.4 is gonna be the last update. I was researching dyes on the Terraria wiki, when I realized there was no way to make specific dyes. Stuff like mixing certain dyes and having different patterns...
  6. Minemaker0430

    Journey's End Vanity Contest!

    Good luck to everyone who submitted! :)
  7. Minemaker0430

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    I decided to go with a dapper-looking ghost as a vanity costume. The head doesn't have to be the head specifically, it can just be the hat. The costume is transparent (like the spectre armor) and the tail hides the legs so it looks like you're floating. The tail is also animated.
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