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  1. ZerKoma

    Can you put your own music into a texture pack?

    Can someone tell me if it's possible to replace music with a texture pack like format? And if it is possible to replace music then how do you do it? I would greatly appreciate it if someone can give me an answer...
  2. ZerKoma

    Alternate NPC Color Packs 1

    These are similar to my Blue Merchant pack which are just recolors for the following NPCs... Tavernkeep = Red & Black Clothier = Yellow & Brown Painter = Green & Blue These are very simple recolors but I enjoy them! If you guys have any recolor ideas then let me know and I might make them if...
  3. ZerKoma

    Solar Cultists are back!

    This texture pack brings back the cut Solar Cultists into the game! Here are some examples of them! ---> I hope you all like it cause I'm proud of it! :D Download below!
  4. ZerKoma

    Can I post this Solar Cultist texture pack?

    I made a texture pack that reskins all the cultists to become the cut Solar Cultists but I don't know if it's allowed to post it cause the rules said no posting texture packs the re-adds removed content but I don't know if that includes cut content before release... If someone could tell me if...
  5. ZerKoma

    Combining two sheets into one

    I'm attempting to make a texture pack for personal use only which turns a vanity set into the Monokuma vanity outfit but the sheets need to be rearranged in order to work and I wanted to ask if someone could tell me how to combine the arms and body sheets into an updated sheet... If someone...
  6. ZerKoma

    Blue Merchant

    I just made the Merchant Blue and that's it really... Here's an example ---> I have fun with it tho! ^W^ Edit: Fixed File
  7. ZerKoma

    Chinese Mobile Exclusive Npc

    This small texture pack that changes the Arms Dealer in the Chinese Mobile exclusive npc! Here's a preview of His sprite and map icon: ---> I even added custom gore sprites to him cause the Chinese Mobile Version has no blood/gore so I made some sprites for that... This texture pack is my first...
  8. ZerKoma

    Map Icon Fixing & Can gore sprites be changed?

    I'm currently trying to make a resprite pack for the Arms Dealer turning him into the Chinese Mobile Npc... Here's the map icon: ---> The sprite sheet worked but the map icon isn't working and I don't know what's wrong with it... I also wanna know if it's possible to make resprites for gore...
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