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    tModLoader Soul Destroyer

    WARNING: This mod uses a lot of dust. A lot. It is highly recommended that you set your quality to "high" in the in-game settings, or you will start running into dust limits fairly quickly. This will most certainly have an impact during multiplayer sessions, as well. This mod was originally...

    tModLoader Resource bar position

    Hey guys, I need a bit of help with the resource bar from ExampleMod. I have it working fine in game, but the position is not what I needed. Right now, the position is just to the left of the hearts. I suppose for typical resources, this might be alright, but mine works a bit differently, so I...

    tModLoader Creating dust at random points in a line between two positions

    I've been able to create dust vortexes, dust rings, dust ovals, and many other effects with dust, but this one has me stumped. I need to spawn dust between two projectiles at random points between them in a line. Projectile one spawns projectile two. I've passed in the parent projectile's...

    tModLoader Creating Dust rings/ovals that rotate while shooting projectiles in all directions

    I've been able to create dust rings on my own, and I'm fairly certain I can figure out how to create ovals using this same method, but having them rotate according to where you are shooting is something I haven't been able to figure out yet, so I came here for a bit of help. Here is an example...

    tModLoader Spawning Gore using a projectile?

    Alright, so here's what I need to do for this one - I have a projectile that will stick into the ground, and then explode after it dies. I'm familiar with the process of spawning new projectiles for things like explosions, but I've never worked with Gore before. I need a splatter pattern to...

    tModLoader Accessing a boolean value from a ModWeapon class to use in a ModProjectile class

    Alright, so this one has me stumped. I'm attempting to use a boolean value from my ModWeapon's class to create an event in my ModProjectile's class. Here's the breakdown - My ModWeapon has dual use functionality (normal and right-click). This weapon has a damage increase over time. Once the...

    Modifying weapon damage based on projectile behavior

    I know there's a ModifyWeaponDamage hook I can use to add damage to the weapon itself in the actual ModItem (weapon's class), and there's also an OnHitNPC inside my ModProjectile. How would I tie these two things together so that I can add or subtract weapon damage based on whether or not a...

    Creating a projectile trail that uses a copy of the parent projectile

    OK, so I've asked about projectile trails in the past, but that involved dust, and that's not what I'd like to accomplish here. In my previous thread on creating a dust trail at a set distance behind the projectile, the code that was used utilized a ring array. I don't know that this would be...

    Resolved Cannot reforge custom weapon as soon as it's been fired (weapon has dual functionality)

    Hey guys, here's a weird one - I have a custom weapon that has left-click / right-click functionality (two separate projectiles). I can log in, go to the reforge NPC, and place the weapon in the reforge slot and it reforges just fine. As soon as I fire the weapon, I can no longer place it in...

    Resolved Preventing new projectiles from spawning from new projectiles

    OK, so I know the title is a bit confusing, so I'll explain the issue - I have a projectile that needs to spawn a new projectile (same projectile as the original) after a certain amount of time. Currently, I'm using projectile.timeLeft to accomplish this inside my projectile's AI. However...

    Adding (RightClick) functionality to a weapon

    I believe this is possible, but I have yet to see an example of this. Most of the "RightClick" references I see in the examplemod section of the tModLoader GitHub page are referring to some sort of UI element, or tiles. I do know this is possible, as I've seen a few weapons that shoot...

    Even spread of projectiles originating from the weapon (that shoot at the same angle)

    I feel like this one may be more difficult than it sounds. Finding an example of an even or random spread of projectiles, that originate from the center of the weapon, is actually quite easy. So, I'm taking that code as an example to learn from. I wanted to post what I've learned from the code...

    Creating a projectile that moves in a sive wave pattern

    I need a bit of help here... I'm not asking for anyone to write a single line of code for me. I'd actually like to tackle this one myself. However, I'm lost on where to begin. I've googled this problem, and I've seen a few solutions in engines like Unity, and I'd like to adapt something like...

    tModLoader Limiting a projectile's velocity

    Here's the issue - My custom projectile has homing capabilities, and also penetrates a number of times. I had a lot of help with most of the AI code from someone very talented ;-) When these projectiles hit an NPC, they get a velocity boost. This is necessary, otherwise the projectiles would...

    tModLoader Spawning a projectile dust trail a set distance behind the projectile

    I figured I would ask in these forums (as well as the tMod Discord) about the code for the Chlorophyte dust trail, and what I'm attempting to do with it. I have a custom projectile that behaves like the Chlorophyte bullet, in that it homes in on targets, and leaves a dust trail. The code is...
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