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  1. XXXXDrAculaXXXX

    PS Vita I need a rod of discord

    Rod of discord
  2. XXXXDrAculaXXXX

    PS Vita Looking to play

    Anyone still playing the ps vita terraria? Add me DropDeadOliver
  3. XXXXDrAculaXXXX

    Xbox 360 In your 20's or older?

    Looking for people around my age or older. Too many little kids play this game. Have a mic. GT. is my profile name.
  4. XXXXDrAculaXXXX

    PC Needing friends to play online with.

    Kinda new to the PC version. Played on Xbox 360. So help me out msg me so we can find a day to play,
  5. XXXXDrAculaXXXX

    Mac Can Mac users play with pc players?

    I can find anyone that plays on mac and I'm needing help in the game cause expert mode is pretty hard and i want to get good items.
  6. XXXXDrAculaXXXX

    Mac Just got terraria for Mac looking for ppl around my age to play with 25 here.

    I have Terraria for Xbox 360 was wondering how 1.3 would be like so i downloaded it for mac. I'm on expert mode now. I can make a new world though if you can't handle. Currently I got molten armor working my way up.
  7. XXXXDrAculaXXXX

    Xbox 360 Looking for pixel art builders

    Wanting to check out other peoples worlds and see what they've created. I build a lot of pixel art myself. Send me a message and will look at each others worlds. Xbl gamertag XXXXDrAculaXXXX
  8. XXXXDrAculaXXXX

    Xbox 360 Needing last vanity piece which is Giant Bow

    Msg my xbox live it's the same as my Screen name
  9. XXXXDrAculaXXXX

    Wouldn't it be cool...

    If you could start a world thats all flat? It'd be helpful for people that create pixel art in Terraria.
  10. XXXXDrAculaXXXX

    Needing players to beat new frost moon update

    We have a trap set already. Made it to wave 15 but, can't get any further after wave 15 drops are made. Add me if you want to help. Will share an duplicate loot. Add XXXXDrAculaXXXX Mic is required thanks.
  11. XXXXDrAculaXXXX

    Xbox 360 Looking for new friends to play terraria with

    Must have mic and be 16 or older
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