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  1. Mythical Golden Bunny

    PC Microbulbs - Free Your Inward Blocks From the Dark

    Intro Simply put, Microbulbs are little lights that light up the block or wall in front of them. Technically, they're wiring components so they're are invisible unless the usual qualifications for seeing wiring tech are met (holding wire, traps, a mechanical lens, etc. etc.). They can also be...
  2. Mythical Golden Bunny

    PC About the Upcoming Master Mode and Currently Existing Expert Items

    Does anyone know if the items you currently get from Expert Mode are going to still be obtainable in Master Mode? I'm not sure whether to look at Master Mode as an extension of Expert or Normal Mode if you catch my drift. There doesn't really seem to be any info online about this, at least from...
  3. Mythical Golden Bunny

    PC A Very Simple Alternative to Current Stat Increases in Master Mode

    So it's confirmed Master Mode is pretty much stat increases. I'm preeetty find with that since I like Expert mode myself. Although, at the moment it seems like Master Mode is planned to add to the defensive stats of mobs as well as offensive ones. While that does sort of make it harder in a...
  4. Mythical Golden Bunny

    Shiftable Hotbar (Hopefully the Right Way to Title this...!)

    --- So to basically get into the nitty gritty because this is a pretty small suggestion... The hotbar's kiiind of small for some aspects, mainly building. So here we have Shiftable Hotbar, which was the best title I could come up with... This on the spot! Right now you have the base hotbar...
  5. Mythical Golden Bunny

    The Side Deck: Making Multiclass More Efficient+A Little Summoner Support

    The Side Deck is an item that when consumed, adds a new row of equipment slots called, predictably, the side deck between vanity and your actual equipment (equipped armor and accessories). Armor and accessories stored in the side deck not only have their effects negated. They also don't change...
  6. Mythical Golden Bunny

    Lunar Dew Drop, Another Expert Item for Moon Lord, and Smoothing of Endgame Grinding

    As it stands, grinding the Pillars as well as Moon Lord is quite frankly, one of my least favorite parts of the game. It's not these battles themselves that drag on and on. It's how long they take, as well as just how many items come from the Moon Lord itself. If the Moon Lord is the end-all in...
  7. Mythical Golden Bunny

    Gelatinous Oath of Simplicity - Hiding Armor Effects Made Easy

    Have you ever been chatting it up with a fellow Terrarian when suddenly, you vanish into thin air thanks to your Schroomite set bonus? Have you ever opened your mouth only for a massive beetle to fly right into it? Does your weird looking shield glowing with solar energy constantly scrape the...
  8. Mythical Golden Bunny

    PC Would having one half of one of my desert be Crimson and one half Hallow work?

    I was thinking of doing this in order to effectively farm both hallow and crimson materials (shards, ankh materials, etc.). Although, I don't know how the biomes would interact in this sense. Like, having both kinds of tiles available for mobs to spawn but only being in either hallow or crimson...
  9. Mythical Golden Bunny

    PC Faux Forbidden Sign and Faux Stardust Guardian, Vanities of Aesthetically Pleasing Set Bonuses

    Faux Forbidden Sign Type: Vanity (Accessory Slot) Crafting: 1 Forbidden Fragment + 5 Adamantite bars / 5 Titanium bars Description: "Sandnados not included!" Faux Stardust Guardian Type: Vanity (Accessory Slot) Crafting: 5 Stardust Fragments + 2 Luminite bars Description: "Enemy...
  10. Mythical Golden Bunny

    PC Want to Buy: A Celestial Magnet or Two

    I have a good amount of money as well as a few Frozen Keys for a few potential items of interest.
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