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  1. Horizontal 8

    Camo Dye

    Dye that's blends makes you match the wall your behind, would this be considered equipment?
  2. Horizontal 8

    Biome Bombs

    Biome Bombs, Bombs that make cleaning out whatever Biome you don't like much easier. 300 whatever solution and of course bombs The Bombs color will change accordingly ( Red = Crimson, Light Blue = Hallow, etc) Basically throw the bomb varient at whatever the biome your in, it'll explode...
  3. Horizontal 8

    Pink Solution

    Just another solution, Pink Solution Its obviously for the Hallowed Biome. You can get it form the Steampunker if she's in the Hallowed Biome. Of You combine Crystal Shards + Green Solution = Pink Solution
  4. Horizontal 8

    Capes cover up wings

    Well it's in the title, don't know what else to say. Don't ya hate it when you have this cool badass look and you want a cape but ya can't due to your wings. I guess the cape could ethier just flap all the time to indicate flying is stiff when gliding down to earth.
  5. Horizontal 8

    Dyeable Weapons

    Don't ya hate it when your weapon doesn't match your dyed clothing? So why not be able to dye them. Take your weapon grab a dye go to a crafting bench and boom dyed. To remove the color go to a water source.
  6. Horizontal 8

    Nimbus Rod special feature

    I think they're should be a special ability for the Nimbus Rod , the ability to well make it rain. Now it's not that big of an impact and kinda stupid , but I thing it would just be neat.
  7. Horizontal 8

    Cooler Pulse Bow l0

    Got the pulse bow after months later , it's pretty awesome. Though I feel like it should just be a bit bigger , besides that for appearance? That's really it. As for it's projectiles I think when you use special arrows it should take arrows abilities. So if I use hellfire arrows it would bounce...
  8. Horizontal 8

    Right Hand of The Moon Lord

    Eh I had an idea that you could upgrade the Fragment Weapons idk what there called exactly. But anyway I had an idea about upgrading them since all of them are actually pretty cool. The only one I could think of currently was upgrading the Nebula Blaze it'll change from Purple to more blueish or...
  9. Horizontal 8

    Luckiest Moments

    What are your luckiest Terraria moments? Share with others on how lucky you are and others can be.
  10. Horizontal 8

    NPCs Should Comment on you.

    Specifically NPCs should comment on your armor , I mean they should. You would talk about the guy who's wearing suit of lava
  11. Horizontal 8

    Crystal Rifle

    It'll be a upgraded version for the already pain in the butt to get Coin Gun expect even more powerful..... It shoots gems and coins...... Yeah.
  12. Horizontal 8

    Gem Cave Chests

    You think Gem Caves should have a rare chest in them? Like there already kinda hard to find. You think the should add Gem Stone weapons or something? Maybe the chests could contain a Phaseblade. Edit ) Or one of the staffs (depends on the gem cave... Gems)
  13. Horizontal 8

    Zombie Rifleman.

    The Zombie Rifleman will be a hard mode zombie with a Musket Rifle....... Thats really it.
  14. Horizontal 8

    Super Soaker

    The Super Soaker combines the useless Water Gun and combines it with the power of the Bubble Gun to make the Super Soaker! It's basically an actual weapon version if the Water Gun but bigger and better. Dang: 80 Knock Back: 3 Mana: 8 Crit: 3 Velocity: 15
  15. Horizontal 8

    Portable Merchant Thing

    Tired of going back home and selling your crap , well why not make a portable Merchant.... Thing .I'm gonna call it Ranforest, Rainforest allows you to sell your loot whereever you are and you can but potions from it (as long as you have on potion of that one type you can hut that potion from...
  16. Horizontal 8

    Fist of the Bros

    "Fist if the Bros" is an obvious reference to PewDiePie , it won't do much besides like increasing Melee Attack and Melee speed by 5% and increases summons. Just a fun little reference.
  17. Horizontal 8

    Super Scope

    We all know about the Zapantor aka The Light Gun. Why not add another nostalgic gun? The Super Scope the Light Guns beefed up brother. It'll be a rocket launcher and it'll be a rare drop.... That's all I got so fsr
  18. Horizontal 8

    Lost Girl NPC

    You know how you can get the Tax Collector from throwing Purification Powder on the Tourtured Soul? Why nit with the Lost Girl? When it's a Nymph throw the powder or holy water on her and she's cured from the evil witihi her. She can sell potions and stuff like that.
  19. Horizontal 8

    More Pets!!!

    Just add more Pets tbh like.... You capture a bird and combine it with rope you get a pet bird or whatever. Or it can be rare drops killing bird 25% change or drop Bird Seeds "Summons oet Bird! Sing along with it"
  20. Horizontal 8

    PC Golden Animlas

    Do... Do any one of you have a Golden Grasshopper??????? Don't know how rare is it yes I bow the 1/150 thing about it but I never heard of it until a few hours ago.
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