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  1. Arlwiss

    PC Arlwiss' Vanity Atelier

    Arlwiss' Vanity Atelier [Indefinite hiatus] My thread for creating characters and recreating the looks of existing ones. Reply with your requests for a fictional character's look recreated ingame and I'll see to it to the best of my ability! Criticism is welcome and appreciated! Requests...
  2. Arlwiss

    PC I've begun something painful.

    Shroomite Digging Claw, Mining Potion, a Hellevator every 230 feet. It's a Large world and I'm going to clentaminate it at least two times. How many Hellevators do you think I'll have finished when I dig them all? I myself don't know.
  3. Arlwiss

    PC Teleporters and sensors, how do they work with each other?

    I've got a problem and that problem is that the logic sensor for Player Above doesn't want to work with the teleporter. What I'm trying to do is have it detect the player and trigger the teleporter, moving him to the other one. What happens is nothing. Before anyone asks, yes, the sensor is...
  4. Arlwiss

    PC Arl's Occasionally Visited Shop

    And as far as selling, here's another bucket list. Remember, it's not a list of the only things I can sell. Items with unspecified price will easily go for a Waldo painting. If you don't have it, throw me an offer and we'll see. It doesn't have to be much, in most cases. [/SPOILER] Poor thread...
  5. Arlwiss

    PC The game forgets I did things?

    What i do is i open the game take a look at my achievements and then enter a world. After updating to I found out that when not in a world, playing, the game would forget all my stats on beaten bosses, mobs, quests. As long as I am in-game, in a world, it gives me achievements but as...
  6. Arlwiss

    Arl's Stuff

    Right, so I'll just post whatever builds and outfits I finish and think they look well enough to be criticised. Warning: I'm clumsy and have little experience in building aesthetically pleasing stuff, outfits are more my thing Open to suggestions about what to improve! By the way in that...
  7. Arlwiss

    PC Dammit World Gen.

    I don't know if a thread for world generation glitches has been created before, if so, then link it here and that's that. So yeah, world gen. It can make a mess at times. I'll post screenshots of whatever I come across and you feel free to join in with your encounters!
  8. Arlwiss

    PC Ice Tortoise Farm Ideas?

    I'm trying to get the Ice Tortoise Shell for a frozen playthrough and I have no idea how to farm the mob. Any suggested designs or even just ideas would be appreciated! I hope this thread is in the right place...
  9. Arlwiss

    Hey all, Arl here

    Hello, Arlwis here, or just Arl if you like. Geek, nerd, fan of Sherlock, Bionicle, Pratchett, and lots of otter stuff. Terraria? I'm a derp. But I'm also a manic collector of statues, paintings, vanity sets, pets, dyes, and such. By manic I mean in exploration I would trash a wonderful...
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