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  1. trigger_segfault

    Does Terraria forums have a json/xml api that users can access?

    I'm looking to count the number of posts for a shields.io badge but I can't find any information confirming or denying the existence of an api for these forums. I've noticed appending .json to the end of thread urls will infact, return a json response, but it just says "security exception".
  2. trigger_segfault

    Tool Terra Launcher - A hub Terraria games/servers/tools with save folder modification

    A Terraria-styled hub for everything Terraria-related stored on your computer. Keep track of different game versions, servers, and tools. You can even customize game save directories. Basically it's just a glorified file browser. Features ~ Keep a collection of links to different...
  3. trigger_segfault

    What's the proper etiquette for alerting someone to an updated edit to a reply?

    At the moment when I need to update someone of a change and I was the last person to post on the forum, I reply in a new post to alert them and copy the contents of the previous post over to the new one then delete the old one. Is this against the rules of the forums? Are users alerted to...
  4. trigger_segfault

    Tool Localization Packer - Unpack and repack Terraria translation files

    Terraria Localization Packer is a tool for unpacking and repacking Terraria translation files into the executable. Translation files are stored in the .json text format. About Localization Files NOTE: For anybody hosting in multiplayer, (this includes Steam Host & Play), make sure you repack...
  5. trigger_segfault

    Tool Rupee Replacer - Change coins into rupees (Vanilla & tModLoader)

    Terraria Rupee Replacer is a patcher for turning all aspects of coins into rupees. From sprites and sounds, to text and text color. The program also allows the user to select which color rupees to use. Supports Vanilla and tModLoader. Now includes localization support. Note: Although a...
  6. trigger_segfault

    Tool Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator

    A quick and easy tool for creating Xact Wave Banks for use in games like Terraria. No installations required! Also comes with extraction capabilities. Now with 99% more Terraria 1.4 track names support! As of Terraria 1.4, the Title screen track is now split into an Intro and Main parts...
  7. trigger_segfault

    Tool TConvert - Extract content files and convert them back

    A combination tool for managing Terraria content resources. Extract from Xnbs, convert to Xnbs, backup, and restore. The unofficial sequel to TExtract. Suppots: Images, Sounds, Sprite Fonts, ReLogic's Dynamic Sprite Fonts, and Wave Banks Preview (This preview has been sped up)...
  8. trigger_segfault

    Am I allowed to repost a thread of mine because I don't like its current title?

    My first tool post on this forum didn't really follow a nice and laid out format like the rest of the posts and the name gets left behind the Introducing part. I'd like to change the title to: "Terraria Midi Player - Play songs through Terrarian instruments". Am I allowed to repost to change...
  9. trigger_segfault

    PC A Day in the Life of the Merchant

    Just your average everyday vandalism in The Legend of Zelda. :) Tools used ▷ Terraria Item Modifier: https://github.com/trigger-death/TerrariaItemModifier ▷ WAVtoXNBSoundConverter: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/wav-to-xnb-converter.33781/ ▷ XNBSoundConverter...
  10. trigger_segfault

    Tool Terraria Item Modifier - A patch for advanced item customization.

    I didn't like how TerrariaPatcher's ItemConfig plugin worked with the large amount of lag and limited options, so I wrote my own. Terraria Item Modifier is a patch that adds simple item customization capabilities to Terraria through configuring an XML file. Modify almost any item variable by...
  11. trigger_segfault

    Tool Terraria Midi Player - Play songs through Terrarian instruments

    Terraria Midi Player is a music player for Terrarian instruments such as the Harp and Bell. The program works by taking control of the mouse to click on the screen at the right coordinates to produce the correct notes as the midi plays. The program comes with a set of global hotkeys that can be...
  12. trigger_segfault

    PC A 3-person performance of "Tal Tal Heights" using Terraria Midi Player

    Terraria Midi Player can be acquired on it's GitHub Repository. As with other videos I've recording during the development process. I'm using CheatEngine to modify the use time of instruments.
  13. trigger_segfault

    PC Looking to do a 3-person performance of Tal Tal Heights with Terraria Midi Player

    This offer has now closed as I have completed my objective. I'm looking to perform the song Tal Tal Heights for a recording with 3 people dressed up as Link in front of the Wind Fish egg using each of the 3 instruments available in Terraria. The performance will all be automated using Terraria...
  14. trigger_segfault

    PC Revisiting the chest limit, a petition to Re-Logic

    (A player unable to place anymore chests) Storage Methods Terraria has almost reached 4000 items. So where are you going to put all of them? In chests. Storage is of vital importance in Terraria. For some, throwing items in random chests is fine. Finding things this way is beyond difficult...
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