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  1. Loffy09

    PC WTB Hotline Fishing Hook

    WTB Hotline Fishing Hook, I don't have many items but I can pay in coins.
  2. Loffy09

    Unpopular Opinion thread

    What's an opinion you have that others don't seem to share? For me, I'm not into getting the best gear in the game for a certain class. I just play, beat the bosses, get every NPC and build fancy things. What's your unpopular opinion?
  3. Loffy09

    tModLoader Character freezes in place when mousing over a chest

    I'm trying to play Modded Terraria with my brother, but it seems that everytime I mouse over a chest, my character freezes until I mouse off of it. If I'm midair I just float there. When I mouse over a chest in singleplayer nothing happens... EDIT: Disabling Insight Reborn fixed it!
  4. Loffy09

    PC WTB Lucky Horseshoe

    I only have 21 gold on me by the way.
  5. Loffy09

    PC WTB Crate Potions

    Hello! As the thread says, i'd like to buy Crate Potions, I'm offering gold, I have a lot, so just name the price! I prefer to buy right now, but if not i'm usually available 6-12 AM GMT+3.
  6. Loffy09

    PC WTS 3 Hallowed and 6 Frozen Key Molds

    I'd like to sell 3 Hallowed Key Molds and 6 Frozen Key Molds. I got the hallowed ones from farming Pumpkin moon and Frozen from my Ice Farm (actually it was for Frozen Key Molds.) Anyway, i'd like to sell these and you can decide the price and unfortunately no one is able to connect to my server...
  7. Loffy09

    Xbox 360 In need of people to fight Pumpkin Moon with.

    I need to find people to fight Pumpkin Moon with, as me and my brother are just too weak to be able to fight the Pumpkin Moon ourselves. We just need to fight it for the loot, and you can have some of the gold coins if you want to. TLDR: We need help with Pumpkin moon and you can have some gold...
  8. Loffy09

    PC WTB a Blizzard and Sandstorm in a Balloon

    I want to buy a Blizzard in a Balloon and a Sandstorm in a Balloon, I crrently have 23 gold on me (I'm not in Hardmode yet by the way.), but if you need an item, just say so and i'll tell you if i have it.
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